The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1)The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said, then re-said(?) in other words and later on in other languages? Hmm?
I guess the only sensible thing would be to is rave madly to strangers grabbed off the sidewalk till their ears bleed! But sadly even that has been accomplished to perfection. So what I’m gonna be doing is take several breaks while reading The Subtle Knife and bang my head against any firm surface I can find while randomly screaming “All hail, Lyra the Un-Imaginative” and taking hot showers while sobbing “There is Dust gathering on me(the horrors)!” That seems to be the only to adequately express my awe for this book.

Me So Happy! Me so Happy


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