Trivia Trails #1

I have the chance here to introduce an upcoming author Rosie Best who’s already signed two books with the publishing house Strange Chemistry. Her debut novel, Skulk, is due in October 2013. So three cheers for Rosie Best, another terrific addition to the world of YA literature.

The Author, Rosie Best

Rosie Best

Rosie Best lives in London and loves all things nerdy. She is an editor at Working Partners Ltd, working on a huge variety of projects from first chapter books about unicorns to dark YA journeys through the land of the dead. She’s also written for Working Partners on a freelance basis, on series published by Usborne and Hot Key Books. The opening of Skulk won a place in the 2012 Undiscovered Voices anthology. When not writing or indulging a passion for video games, she sings with the Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Rosie is a giant nerd.

Rosie’s website:

Rosie’s Twitter:



When Meg witnesses the dying moments of a shapeshifting fox and is given a beautiful and powerful stone, her life changes forever. She is plunged into the dark world of the Skulk, a group of shapeshifting foxes. As she learns about the other groups of shapeshifters that lurk around London – the Rabble, the Horde, the Cluster and the Conspiracy – she becomes aware of a deadly threat against all the shapeshifters. They must put aside all their enmity and hostility and fight together to defeat it.

Quotable Quotes

Rosie Best said: “I’m beyond thrilled to be signing with Strange Chemistry! It’s a great list, run by people who really love and understand genre fiction. Strange Chemistry is the perfect home for Skulk and I can’t wait to share the book with you all next year!”

Strange Chemistry Editor Amanda Rutter said: “Skulk is a smart, urban and, above all, modern take on YA and I’m absolutely delighted to have signed Rosie to the Strange Chemistry family. She’s enormously talented and brings a wealth of experience.”

Angry Robot and Strange Chemistry Online


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