Such a Rush

Such a RushSuch a Rush by Jennifer Echols

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leah Jones has had a crappy life. Sort of like Karl Shoemaker’s in Tales of the Madman Underground. Her mother was a pregnant and is now an unemployed waitress who moves from town to town on the whims of her fugacious boyfriends. After living near an Air force Base, she fell in love with planes and the idea of flying. Then she moves to the town of heaven Beach and gets a job at the airport over there. While all the other people complained about the shitty mind-grinding noise from the airplanes, she followed them till they flew beyond the horizon. She is a true pilot. Then her boss and trainer, Mr Hall dies and the business is taken up by his twin sons- one of whom she’s had a crush on since she arrived and also who is holding a piece of her history that could ruin her future and career of being an aviator(also he’s super hot!). Using this piece of information, he forces her to work for him and date his brother.

Jennifer Echols had never really done it for me before this book. The Boys Next Door was my first try and it was alright considering everything. I laughed at times and enjoyed it but wasn’t particularly impressed. Then came The Ex Games and Going Too Far– neither my piece of cake. So I was a bit reserved about going into this one. The think about Jennifer Echols is that all her books have some kind of activity or profession ad its base- which sounds fine but it really irritated me when I couldn’t understand something(which was lots of things) and I had to look up particular things. On the other hand, this also works damn fine in some books of her and makes them a bit more than a cute-sy romantic story or drama. And I never really much cared for a character except those fleeting moments when it seemed that something momentous was going to happen. Then I cared for them because I also wanted that one moment of limelight. Crazy, right? That’s just the way I’m wired. But Such a Rush was just so damn perfect that I’m still reeling after finishing it like fifteen minutes ago even though I usually take some time to collect my thoughts after finishing books.

Leah was such a unique character and she has been through so much that I felt for her immediately. Not pity or anything because had I been in her shoes, I’d have hated that as well. I liked that she stood up for herself and that she mostly didn’t take any shit. Not only that, she’s also been basically keeping a roof above her and her mother’s head for a long time and asking nothing in return. Even so, she wasn’t perfect. She steals useless things from her job and her friend’s restaurant- things they don’t need. Like, a box or newspaper. And she’s so passionate about flying that she’d basically do anything short of getting sexual just to keep herself afloat. It’s nice to see such dedication to something besides books every once in a while, because it gives me new perspective when I just can’t seem to understand why some people don’t read. She’s so atypical that while the boy she’s in love with kisses her and she need to stop him, instead of taking the common route and pushing him away, she touches him (view spoiler)[which doesn’t achieve the desired goal but only propels the steamy scene further (hide spoiler)].

Then there was Grayson. He ain’t no knight in shining armor, neither. He is a lying, manipulative bastard. Ahh, but he’s hot. And broken inside with some bipolar tendencies. I have no idea how she continues to pine for him even after he blackmails her into dating his brother, threatens to ruin her life, calls her a whore repeatedly and treats her like shit. I’m sorry but no amount of hotness or super-kiss-powers are gonna make up for that. And the things is there’s not really one likable character in this book besides Leah. Not her friends, nor her neighbors, nor her coworkers.

Yet, there were so many things in this book that angered me. Jennifer Echols tried to battle the ‘slut issue’ but fails so horrible, due to her wrong angle, he wrong take on it. Leah is considered a ‘slut’, a ‘white trash’ by everyone, even her best and only friend and all other girls hate her for that. The author tries to show us that it is wrong because she’s not a slut, so she is a ‘nice’ person. In fact, Leah comes up several times and points out to us that,’Look, those are the sluts with their red lipstick and revealing clothes, they are the horrible ones, not me!’ when it should have been, ‘Okay, call me a slut, don’t give a shit, but how one earth does sleeping around make me a horrible/undesirable human being?’

It was such a tender and poignant read, with a fast-paced background due to all the flying around they do in their planes and otherwise. Another reason it didn’t get a four star rating is that the romance was rather underdeveloped and the guy accuses her of sleeping with his father, for Merlin’s sakes. I mean I don’t think even in the beach scene they worked through their problems properly. It felt like they were just getting it all out so they could start to fool around.




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