Neverfall (Everneath, #1.5)Neverfall by Brodi Ashton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I marked the passage of time, and the erosion of my hope, in weeks.”

that’s when I find a kindred spirit in douchecanoe extraordinaire, Cole. For I also mark the passage of time and the erosion of hope(of turning out to be a wizard, then demigod and all the rest) in weeks. No, actually in years. Ah, well.

Neverfall was my first 2013 read. Not really a great start, but not a bad one either. It’s a short story from Cole’s POV, directly after the events of Everneath.

To say I expected more of this novella would be an understatement. Because you look at that blurb and you think, oh yeah there’s gonna be lots of action and Cole’s gonna make a lot of bad decisions and hell yeah, it’s Cole! but you read this and it all goes down to Bikini Bottom.

It starts with Cole becoming all sulky and grumpy because now he has no leverage over Nikki and she ain’t talking to him no more. And then he gets obsessed with finding out how she survived the feed. But moving forward, his addiction is revealed to be Nikki. Took him long enough. And yeah, a lot of stuff happens, what with the Delphinians and their prisons and prophecies, things that can have major impacts on the world of the Everliving, if we look more deeply. But Cole walks away with barely any consequences. So it felt kinda whatever-like. As though nothing between those covers actually matters.

We get to know a lot more about the Everneath and Everliving in this novella, but Cole is another matter entirely. You know, I read about this one and thought, ooh a glimpse into his world- that would be fantastic. I wonder what his story is, must be rather dark and grim. But there’s barely any mention of his past. Most of the time he’s whining mentally about Nikki rejecting him. I liked his friend, Mark though. He’s loyal and protective.

Cole’s character reads more like a teenager or youth, not a 900-year old everliving. He definitely needs more development. The author still wants to cast him in a mysterious light, but that only works when we are reading him form another’s POV.

There are alternate chapters from the past, as well, when things were all mellow in Nikki’s world. And then we realize how big a hand he played in Nikki and Jack’s current predicament. Asshat.

Overall, it’s an alright read- nothing all that spectacular like I expected. But do not feel obliged to read this one before Everbound unless you want to know more about the Delphinians and all but I’m sure even they will be mentioned in the future books.

There’s a sneak peak of Everbound also. Can’t say enjoyed it much as all it contains is Nikki crying and going on random guilt trips in the first two chapters. I hope it gets better from there on.


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  1. A fantastic time Saturday night. We surprised my parents and they were thriled when they got there..Thanks! I used to be advised by the photo booth person that pictures would be online. Where are they?

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