Greta and the Goblin King

Greta and the Goblin King (Mylena Chronicles, #1)Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Starting off with the first page, I knew this book wasn’t for me. It wasn’t so much the the story between the covers as my expectations that ruined Greta and the Goblin King for me.

I thought
Greta = Gretel … eq(i)
saving brother = Gretel saving Hansel… eq(ii)
lured into the witch’s lair = rather obvious. lured into the with’s lair… eq(iii)

Adding all the three eq(s) form above we get
Greta and the Goblin King = retelling of Hansel and Gretel.

Not really. There is all this, but in the background because as you can glean from the title, it also includes goblins.

This book set out great, establishing a well structured, if not perfect or flawless, world of fey, goblins, gnomes and the rest. It’s an interesting world, with appealing traditions and transformations. Enticing world. Absorbing plot. But then they said things and she said things and I said things, mainly along the lines of “What?! What?! I don’t get it!Did I miss something?!”. It was all pretty damn vague in the beginning and even some way into the book, I could make neither head nor tail of some things. It all clears out later on, though.

Our main character, Greta, while not the typical Mary Sue, isn’t that distinctive either. She kicks ghoul and troll and gnome asses. She’s a bounty hunter; her current personality has been shaped by the world she lives in and the harsh conditions she has had to endure. And she is constantly mourning that fact; that she’s been completely re-written by Mylena. That’s when she became annoying- what’s so wrong with that? I’d be proud of her if I ever were in her shoes.

Saying that, it packed some punches that Chloe Jacobs could have pulled with much more vigor. There were many fascinating features that could have been employed with much more finesse and would have made reading this book worthwhile for me.

And a Goblin king named Isaac? Really? Besides that, he has not one person in his palace- says he doesn’t retain servant. Also, he does not seem to have any kind of political matter keeping a hold of him. No duties or obligations to his people; he is a king only in name. His only purpose in this book was to invade Greta’s privacy of her mind, bugger her to make a wish, and erupt out of the darkness in his monster form to save Greta. The romance could have done with a bit more of crisis and development. It was all rather meh! with confessions of undying love in the first book. I’m sorry but that don’t sit well with me ever unless you are Akiva and then I will take whatever you dish out(even if it a rotten egg, I would lovingly prepare an omelette- once I figure out how to whisk- and serve it to you with coriander on the side and home made blueberry sauce on top).

If only this book had ended with the second to last chapter, leaving us with a terrifying cliffhanger, it would have turned out to be such a… enjoyable read. 3 stars from me, anyway. For my main problem rested with the ending itself; it was all flowing so well but then the author had to seal the deal with a happily ever after and it felt kinda lame.

However, seeing as this was a debut novel, I don’t think I will have any qualms about trying her future works.

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