Dare You To

Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2)Dare You To by Katie McGarry

My rating:  2 of 5 stars

This review is going to damn biased because I am Team Isaiah all the way.

During Pushing the Limits, I loved Isaiah and Beth both. I’m not sure anymore.

Dare You To was a book I highly anticipated and it just did not deliver. My main problems were with Beth and how radically she changes. One second she’s pot-smoking high-as-heaven junkie, the next she’s sleepover obsessed, ribbon wearing, sniveling, looking-for-zing chick.

Basically what happens is that Beth takes a fall in her mom’s stead, then one thing leads to another and she ends up in her rich long lost uncle’s mansion. We also have Ryan, a guy just obsessed with winning and living in a super messed up home. Sparks fly, beer sprays, rain falls, glass breaks and they fall in love. But how can that be- where’s Isaiah and don’t tell me she’s falling for the jock again-
the golden boy! History does have a penchant for repeating itself. And I’m so getting myself a Dodo.

Come hither ye, I have purple coat and lots of pot.

Take lessons, Beth. This is what I expected from you.

So they meet at first at a Taco joint and it turns out to be a bad start. They both make assumptions and base their actions regarding each other on them. Ryan takes on a dare to get a date with Beth. Beth plays him to get to her Mom. Isaiah barges in to save Beth and she snubs him. There are other secondary characters, some of them are useful and some are not.

Dare You To has a similar theme going on as pushing the Limits. They both are not just about two not-really-cliches falling for each other. They are also about family problems and finding yourself. As much as I loved Pushing the Limits, there were a problems I had with Katie McGarry‘s management of all the angst and troubles. I’d hoped Dare You To would deliver from this but sadly enough, it was just worse.

Beth’s addiction, for instance, she drops it all at once. It is mentioned a couple times in the beginning that she craves one but as we move on, it seems the author forgot all about it. Dare You To tries to tackle a lot of problems at once and fails not that miserably.

Ryan is a virgin character. Not super-used at all. Heh heh, lame inner joke. He’s a good kid( to the world), you know basebally and all but poetic as well. Which I think is another reason I didn’t much enjoy this one- all that base and bat stuff went right over my head. But I admired his passion, even though his “I always win” started to sound rather Neanderthal-y and annoyed the crap out of me. To me, he was a douchecanoe, an utterly misogynistic bastard and I wanted to rip his balls out. Asshole.

The whole book had this over-used Axe deo smell about it.

To sum it all up:

But shucks, then there was Isaiah. I was practically ripping my scalp to shreds when Beth gets it on with Ryan.. But I’m glad she ended up with Ryan because, guess what that means? I can run away with the best friend! Yay for me+Isaiah! Oh no wait- what is that? Sneak peek into Crash Into You! Who’s this Rachel? Man, she’s interesting. So Isaiah will finally get it on?!?!??! And there are cars! And illegal racing!

I’m sorry if I ever questioned your love and your theory on googly/sparkly eyes, Beth. I now know what you were trying to convey.

Many thanks to the publishers for providing a copy via NetGalley.


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