Amber House

Amber House (Amber House, #1)Amber House by Kelly Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Last night after finishing this one, I just wanted to jumpstart its review and deliver five stars which is what I believed it deserved at the time. But it was late and my sister practically shoved me away because I had school the next day- today, I mean. Horrible day, I fell asleep in two classes and the battle of Plassey was being re-enacted in my brain-torium the whole time. Two tickets for a copy of DoSaB book 3, if anyone’s interested.

Amber House is one of those books that require a few hours of peaceful thought collection(which I did not get) after finishing. There’s just too much going on towards the end and then it just blows you all away and you can’t think a single coherent thought because it all was just too frigging awesome. This was a wonderful, refreshing story. I’d been looking for creepy books and eerie houses come to life to keep me the heebiejeebies- I can’t go too long without my timely dose- a long time before I stumbled onto this one.

And no, I’m not talking this level of creepy house.

I’m talking this creepy- so long as you don’t factor in that it’s form Disneyland.

I’m so getting myself an Amber House when I grow up- you know, if there’s one on a really cheap sale so that I can afford it.

Amber House is centered around Sarah Parsons and her family and the Amber House. After her grandmother, whom she never really knew, dies and her Maryland-estate is inherited by her mother, she and her family decide to move in for a few days before her mother auctions it off. Many strange things start to occur, beginning with Sarah’s straight-laced mother warning her not wander off if she hears strange sounds in the night. Then after living through various re-enactments of past memories, she realizes that the house has its secrets- not the dusty old ones that all old mansions have but dark, evil ones that it won’t give up easily.

Once upon a time, when I was a little kind, my world of paranormal books constituted of haunted houses, evil spirits, weird voodoo stuff, evil scientists, sinister circus clowns, spine-chilling rides, freaky caves and yes, I’m talking about R. L. Stine. We had the vampires and werewolves and faeries as well, but you know, they were actually scary in that what-big-teeth-you-have-to-better-eat-me-with way, not the god-he’s-a-fucking-pervert-scary. and let me tell you, this is one heck of a paranormal book and brings back good memories. You have all your usual elements of horror stories except creepy old people.

Sarah Parsons is a likable character; she is charming and funny, with her head actually in the game. She has an admiring relationship with her little brother who is autistic, which is something I really needed a dose of since that psychotic relationship that girl had with her brother in The Holders. The way she treats him is what made me like her so much. It’s totally not alright for people to treat autism as dumbness and it really maddens me when someone does so. The only time I felt like back-slapping her was when she said,”There’s nothing in the mirror.” have you not seen any horror movies? There is always something someone in the mirror, you idiota.

The book has a love triangle as well, which felt rather unnecessary to me but it was a pretty good one. One of the first actual triangles, I daresay. The book could have done without it but you know, it was part of the book and I loved the book, so by default I don’t mind it much either.

The Amber House in itself could have made for a wonderful book. To me, it was the house that was the main character. Sarah and the rest were just an added bonus that were there to propagate its magnificence. The house lured me in and I was unable to separate myself when it ended with that ending( which I don’t really have proper thoughts about; one second I hate it, the next second I’m in awe of its brilliance). Then I read that this is a planned trilogy but ther was no clue expcet the title, Neverwas and this this mocking album of photographs that we’re supposed to glean clues from, somehow. You are really killing me here.

I’m sorry to say but despite being so wonderful and captivating the Amber House didn’t really give me the heebie-jeebies. I guess I’ll have to snag a couple Goosebumps or something the next time my familial pest comes back form the library.

This book deserves a full rating but the thing is, while there was not a single thing in this book that I didn’t enjoy, Amber House didn’t really match up to my other 5-star ratings. Now that I think of it, it isn’t like my 4-star ratings either. it’s much better.

So, actual rating: 4.5.


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