Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

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First off, let me just relate the issue that’s probably plaguing everyone when they look at this edition of Through the Ever Night. Le Cover.

Why does Perry look like he was just fished out of The Devil Wears Prada(which I’ve neither read nor seen; I’m just assuming). The attitude, I get. walking like he’s the Big Bad Wolf and daring people to cross him but the rest? He’s what I imagined Roar would look like, if, you know, they all lived in the 21st century, not the Aether-plagued one. That said, would someone take a look at that background? Is that supposed to be the Aether sky? If yes, I don’t know how people fear it; were it me, I’d have jumped the first wagon to dive into the heart of the Aether. But that’s just my suicidal tendencies.

I don’t know how to exactly encapsulate my awe for Through the Ever Night and Veronica Rossi. Usually, in a trilogy, the second book is when it goes to Southampton, down a drainage pipe, into the sewers before somersaulting headfirst into Tartarus. But this one sequel picked me right off the pavement in the streets of Southampton, shoved me into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and gave me a glimpse of Cockaigne, Ys, and Shangri-La all packed in the City of Caesars, if only for those 352 pages. And I’m just so sad that it’s over, but glad that it happened. Who says you can’t be both?

Rossi manages to give us just a perfect blend of action and characterization. There isn’t one character in this book that at any point feels like they have developed to their limit. And her writing is even more textured and at the same time more suave than before; every fast-paced action scene is just that. Fast-paced and every bit as enticing as Nutella, if not more. I’ll go so far as to say, Rossi is one of the best story tellers since the time of Scheherazade. Every scene is so perfectly conceived that we don’t need and craptastic movie to envision or breathe along with Perry and Aria. And she doesn’t pull any punches for anyone, least of all for Roar(does that qualify as a spoiler) and me. Atrocious things happen and beloved people suffer; I want to give her the Prometheus treatment for this malfeasance, while also having the urge drop down at her feet.

But even those aren’t the things I love best about this trilogy. The best is the attention she pays to her side characters; they all have their stories and caliber, and so this novel just doesn’t explore the stories of Aria and Perry. Also, Roar pervades my senses as such that after that one horrible, terrible thing that happens, I’m left hanging like,”Nononononon, cela ne peut pas se passer! Pauvres Roar!” But prior to that, he lightens the mood with his wit and charm and check this out:

“Come thaw my frozen heart, my little
arctic kitten.
No chance, my yeti man, I’d rather be
Let me be your snowman. Come live in my igloo.
I’d rather freeze to death than hibernate with you.”

I would never have believed that Rossi could be so cruel had I not read it with my own eyes, but you know what? That’s just the way the world works. By the time I finished this book, my thoughts all but revolved around Roar, Soren and Cinder(Perry and Aria are a given).

Rossi toys with the elements from Under the Never Sky and introduces more facets as well. There is some more info on Aether and stuff, but not nearly enough if you’re that sort of reader. I could be that reader at times and not at others, and with this book I wasn’t. Everything was exquisite and marvelous, ballsy, and in-your-face you dead-person lover. Rossi definitely deviates from the usual YA trend and she is a fucking Mehwash, methinks. I daresay, this book was as cool as a bowtie.

This kind of awesomeness isn’t easily attainable. You have to travel a long and perilous ways under the never sky, venture through the ever night before finally traipsing into the still blue. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. But I have a whole year to build up some female balls.

~ Why do I have a whole shitty year? Why?~


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