Prodigy (Legend, #2)Prodigy by Marie Lu

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


January 2013 has been such a pleasant surprise, so far as second installments in trilogies are concerned. Real nemesis of 2012 where we had books like Insurgent, Rebel Heart. And Prodigy is no exception. It is so much more than Legend, in the way that Pizza Hut is much more than Domino’s. Both serve the same stuff, essentially. But PH has more varieties, depths, issues, challenges… and here I merge food qualities with books’.

It starts right after where we left on in Legend. Soon the Elector Primo dies and his son, Anden, takes his place. The country is on the brink of a rebellion; there is unrest and chaos on every street. Whole cities have been closed off. People are just waiting for that spark to be ignited- Day.

This book provides everything that was missing in the first one and fixes everything that was amiss. In Legend, June and Day had no personal or otherwise growth, but this book challenges both their individual selves and also their relationship. Day turns on June for a while, blaming her for his family’s troubles; June has notions of abandoning Day. They both are constantly doubting each other’s loyalties. Bitterness(and jealousy) is in the air.

Marie Lu fixed the foremost problem that I had in Legend– we finally get an eagle’s view of the whole world. This was the high point for me in this book because Lu definitely has some idea about what she’s dishing out to us. And it’s not your regular store-bought hot chocolate. No no, it’s completely home-made; it even has a few kernels of unground cocoa beans. She explores the politics and history of this militarized nation thoroughly.

Prodigy introduces us to a lot of new characters and develops the old ones. My personal favorite was Kaede, but I don’t even wanna go there. This book is one hell of a ride that keeps you guessing who the wrong guy is till the very end. And that’s when a very horrible, terrible, atrocious twist is added- just when I was finally beginning to root for this r-ship.

So yeah, the ending. That cliffhanger.

Die, Lu. Die. But not before finishing the manuscript of the third book.

I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t about to bother picking up this one. 😦 Look what I would have missed out on.



One thought on “Prodigy

  1. Every single review I’d read of this book has praised Marie Lu for exceeding Legend by far with Prodigy – that’s great because while I didn’t love Legend, I’m looking forward to Prodigy now! Also, I’m happy that I’m not the only one who thinks Pizza Hut is better than Domino’s. (:

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