If you are happy, read on… If you aren’t, read on

Two fabulous books that made me cry and I can’t even review them properly. Just the kind of pathetic and disrespectful reviewer that books all around the world hate. Because if you really love a book and it gave you a thousand motley feels, you at least oughta review ’em properly, if nothing else. Well, you should also declare your love in a haze of flour and apricots but it’s not the right season for that, or is it? I don’t see squirrels about these days so there you have it. Just two lame-ass non-reviews for you guys.

The Piper's SonThe Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Magic beans

I want them but I won’t tell you why.

Okay, it’s so I can defeat the monster, annex his huuuuuuuge mansion, have Silvertongue bring all the Marchetta characters to life and live happily ever after and so on.


Because that’s all I can do, day in and day out whenever I remember I read this. In the shower, late at night, whilst watching this(which is humanly and inhumanly impossible but you guys watch it anyways, it’s only like 10 minutes) and everything else that constitutes my day.

Now, this is how you do a sad book; this is how you do an emotionally traumatic book. And it’s not just sad, it also has happy moments, and there’s nostalgia and those sly funny bits trademark of MM that make you snort during gloomiest of scenes.

Even, for worse or for better I don’t know, there is also the tale of a middle-aged broken couple and boy, I was actually invested in that(I thought it was beautiful but damn if I’m gonna admit that outside of these brackets). Frightening.

It’s Saving Francesca’s sequel- you know, that book with overused story but awesome characters that made it a unique experience? which you are a fool if you haven’t read. Same set of characters, five years later, Thomas’s story, Thomas’s family and a few adorable new characters. You have your old Francesca, Justine, Will(for a while) and Luca as well. There’s a bit about Siobhan, too. But Jimmy Hailler, who didn’t want to go home, who brought Frankie’s mother back, who waved to her neighbors, is missing.

This is a rich and complex novel of problems, families, friends, grief, forgiveness and love.

And how life and time can’t always tear you apart. So stop fucking blaming the lemons.

This is a recipe for lemonade.

And I need a Jimmy Hailler novel, asap(that’s not a request, Ms Marchetta).

The Spectacular NowThe Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This is a sad book.

This is a treacherous book.

This is a book stuck in limbo.

Can’t move forward.

Can’t go back.

I want to un-read the ending of this book.

I want to re-read the ending of this book.

Sutter Kelly is selfish to boot.

Sutter Kelly is too kind for his good.

I tried hoping for you, Mr Kelly.

Life is fucking up my hopes, Mr Kelly.

Please don’t drown, Mr Kelly.

He did.

Lemons were too sour.



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