The Curious Case of Cassie Clare

I believe this post is long overdue. So long, in fact, that the time had already come and gone, and nobody really needs another article on the controversies surrounding Cassandra Clare. But gee, would you have a look at this? I guess, this would be a good time to cover all the Cassie and books stuff, a wrap-up, if you will.

Cassandra Clare, the New York times bestselling author, the woman who has a multitude of fans and followers and devotees wrapped around her finger. And, for as long as I’ve been part of the online reading communities and long before that, she‘s been wrapped in hullabaloos.

Cassie made her debut in the ‘official’ world with The City of Bones, soon to be a motion picture and winner of countless awards and hearts across the world. But long before that, Cassie had been infamously known in various fandoms, for her bullying and the well-known fan-fiction work, the Draco trilogy. After debuting, Cassandra again ignited sparks for blatant plagiarism and misdemeanors, to put it lightly. Still, this didn’t affect her escalating success. Cassie kept cashing in more and more and more.

In the midst of the Mortal Instruments(TMI) series, initially supposed to a trilogy, Cassie released the first book in the Infernal Devices(TID) trilogy, Clockwork Angel(a prequel series to TMI, set in the same world), which produced mixed results in fans and readers. Readers unamazed by the sheer splendor of TMI series remained unimpressed and many previous devotees were disenchanted. But this had the impact of a bucket of saltwater in the Amazon. Cassie’s readership grew still and her works are praised at school lunches, family picnics, in fandoms unrelated to the Shadowhunter world.

And then came the Dark Artifices(TDA) news.

Actually I’m messing this up.

The news about a new series, set in the same Shadowhunter world but few years ahead of TMI, came  long ago. The first book in the series, Lady Midnight, is due in March 2015. I don’t know exactly when this piece of info was relegated to the outside world but far as I know, it was before the first book in TDI was published, back in 2010.

A pause now, methinks.




Enough. So now, finally, the TDI series is finished, and TMI is still one book from conclusion and there are to be three books in TDA, for now. Yet, last year, news of The Shadow Hunter’s Codex was released. This book is to be published this October and is an actual guide to the Shadowhunter/Nephilim world. Overwhelmed yet? But wait, there’s another. CC fans are already rejoicing because the first in this series has already been released.

The Bane Chronicles

This one’s a spinoff, short stories detailing the misadventures in the life of a side character featuring in both TMI and TID: Magnus Bane. There is going to be a collection of 10 short stories by CC, and a few other acclaimed authors, including Sarah Rees Brennan. This last story is supposed to be published by Jan 2014.

Then there came the TLH series, an enigma if there ever was one. The whole series is shrouded in mystery; only the timeline is specified:1903. Supposedly, there are going to be three books in this one.

Taking a breath of reprieve(I think everyone did), Cassandra announced that for the first time, she’ll be venturing out of her Shadowhunter world and is set to write the Magisterium series, a collection of five books, with author Holly Black, with the first book The Iron Trial, to be released this Oct, as well.

Ah, but now…

The TWP series

Nothing is known about this one, except it’s set in the Shadowhunter world.

In fact, to quote CC, “ and very far down the road, TWP. Don’t even ask about that one! It’s too far in the future!

And I think that’s about it.

For now.

I think 50 years from now, Cassandra Clare will be known not for her books, but hard-work and devotion to her one creation(as fans call it) or determination to milk the cash cow to its ultimate(as other people call it).

Brought to you by me, hoping against hope that my personal opinions don’t reflect in the article.


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