A Review of le past week(and then some)

It’s been ages since my last review guys.

Or maybe just a week.
It does feel like ages, though, for the shit that’s been going on on Goodreads. Between that and my half-yearly examinations and various other kinds of mishaps, I’ve been sort of neglectful. Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of it, though, because the GR people have been really sneaky and haven’t made a site-wide announcement so as to not to lose readers/reviewers. So here’s what happened, in chronological order:

-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in time, people stopped growing up.

-Some of these peoples became writers and then decided theirs was the best. story. ever.

-Anyone who disagreed was a bully. Critics and reviewers’ image had turned into the sort that haunts a mid/high-schooler’s nightmares.

-They(the victims aka writers) started a website and they learned about harassment. And wouldn’t you know it, they started harassing the so-called bullies themselves. Classic example of pot and kettle( albeit the kettle wasn’t really a kettle.) (I won’t be providing links to their sites because I pretty much despise them but they call themselves STGRB.)

-What reviewers could do was decide not to read this book. Now you must realize that most of us come from Goodreads, and on this platform everybody posted reviews for books, from the ones they liked to the ones they were planning to read or not. We could post reviews for books whose authors were sexists, homophobes, and all other shits. We could spread the word and others had the choice to decide whether they wanted to contribute to the pockets of these people.

-Amazon took over Goodreads.

-Everyone was a-feared of what would come.

-Nothing did.

-Until lo! almost a week ago. GR decides to fuck up their customers(ie reviewers) and their employees(ie reviewers). They don’t release a site-wide announcement; they post it in a fucking thread so the mass of users can be messed with and yet they won’t leave ’cause they haven’t a fucking clue what’s been a-happening to them.

-Here’s the gist of it: GR can delete reviews if they talk of author behavior. Scratch that, if reviewers talk of negative author behavior, their reviews are subject to eradication. The double standard followed by GR is while they say judge a book by its content, they are letting reviews discussing positive author behavior slide by. Gee, I wonder if it had something to do with the harpies harping over at you-know-where. Moreover, they’ve decided they’re omniscient and are deleting shelves based on the intentions behind it. Or more like(me thinks) they’re checking through the more-obscurely named shelves(as in, icky-hex and taa) whether it more prominently  contains books by badly behaving authors. Around 71 or something users reviews were deleted without notifications prior to this notice. Users didn’t even have the chance of export their books or catalog them elsewhere.

-The thread where the announcement was made have over 100 pages of comments and queries and just how many of those do you tink they’ve addressed? The little ones and even that has been done pathetically.

-While readers have been demanding some response, the Gr folks have been passively mocking us on twitter.

“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

“Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead.”

“Love can make even nice people do awful things.”

Threads have been deleted all round and the users are tired of waiting for clarifications or a site-wide announcements. They’ve uppped and left the sites. Yep, many, many users have migrated over to Booklikes, including me[you can find me on http://totterutter.booklikes.com%5D, primarily because it’s an Amazon-free site and the folks are accommodating,  and promised its users it won’t fuck us up. While it hasn’t turned out to be the greatest arrangement(Booklikes has a long way to go; just he other day one of my books(don’t remember which) had the cover of Starry Nights, a book I never had any intentions of reading owing to reviews from various friends), it’s alright for now and since most of the people I follow have blogs, it’s all pretty cool.

And the exams! They took up so much time but I found time to fall for the indie author, Nenia Campbell whom you can also find Booklikes.

To end with, you can find so many of the deleted reviews on Ceridwen’s most awesome tumblr: Censored by Goodreads. Best thing so far this year.

Anwho, I have shitloads of ARC’s and reviews and latest books(ohmigodTheFalconer;Vicious;DangerousGirls;Steelheart;LoveintheTimeofGlobalWarmingohmigod) to get through. Now GO AWAY! You will have your reviews staring tomorrow(i hope).

PS Because I had an apple rotting in my bag for the days of my exams and beyond, here’s one(not mine, it’s too much hassle taking a photograph) hoping that things will come to a fruitful end, either over at Goodreads or Booklikes.



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