Sorry dudes. I know this new theme sucks worse than Goodreads and their new policies. Okay, maybe not that bad, but jeez. I’m not a fan, is all I’ll say for fear of offending others. But it’s just that I was soooooo bored with the old one and feeling like some color and rainbows. I swear I’m gonna get a better theme in the next few days, just bear with me, please.

Pfft, it appeared so much cooler when I was testing it. You just can’t know how things will turn out.

In other news, I finally got hooked onto the Kate Daniels series and she’s been filling up my days while I’ve been injudiciously ignoring my pile of ARC’s and reviews to be written.

Also, I got a final warning from Goodreads. Check it out:

Please consider this your final warning. If you continue to violate our guidelines or re-post content that breaks our rules, your account will come under review for removal.

That’s the way to go!

Get your own final warnings and read on!


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