Trysts with Kate Daniels


I was going to do this post on my experience with the unanimously loved Kate Daniels, but i am bored, tired and have lots of assignments and a test to prepare for. so obviously i am currently dabbling in books, feathering through lots and lots of them. classics, review copies and the generally recommended. sadly, none is catching my hummingbird of interest. what is catching me is this video.

words don’t suffice.

also how i have been whiling away my day is obsessing over this article on Soapboxing.

and everything from imitating and mocking(but actually applauding) Brian Molko’s singing voice, and screaming,”I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU BABY, YOU WERE MADE FOR LOVING ME”. now, i believe i’m going to feel very smug and satisfied with myself for a few hours, like a kitten or llama stealing peanut butter. oh man, how i want pb, it’s been soooooo long…

and while i’m in the vein of fumbling around aimlessly, arbitrarily picking up things and forcing them into your hands, HOW MUCH ARE YOU HATED BY THE DAILY MAIL? and meanwhile, please do laugh your fucking ass off with them lovely episodes of  DAILY LIVES OF HIGHSCHOOL BOYS.

also a complimentary snowfall, because i have never been in one, so have mercy and forgive my lackadaisical-ness.

[And psst… there’s this book I really want: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender]


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