I promised you pictures: Wuthering Heights

From Wuthering Heights.

https://attheendofthestory.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/10708-streetartnews_rone_melbourne-3.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/e7dfc7f10bc98bad3d2b014c08e81441/tumblr_mmudkxZ2bK1qzmy2bo1_1280.jpgAs you might or might not have guessed, the theme is Wuthering Heights, one of the best books you’ll probably ever read, if you are me. I woke up, and had a craving like you won’t believe; I think I love WH more in this moment that I ever did, including the moments after I finished reading the book for the first time earlier this year. Unfortunately, it was a borrow from my school library. And yes, I totally cheated there with those quotes, and will continue to do so(with your permission, of course), but I did find some cool pictures, right? Don’t write me off as a total fluke just yet; I’ve always been just an observer with pictures and images and whatnot, and I don’t much care for all those Pintrest and other kinda sites, ‘cept for the beautiful artwork I come across in them. And before we move back to WH, I have a confession: I’ve never been into Austen, Dickens is not my cup of tea and classics in the same vein I’ve never been able to appreciate.Last time I tried to read Rebecca, I ended up lolling on the floor, and Mr Darcy only seems swoon-worthy in the movies. And yet this story of obsession, the wild winds and wilder creatures; of Heathcliff and Catherine, of dangerous love that never happened, never could happen, and passion that is reverted to revenge and retaliation, it never stops rolling in my mind in black and white(sometimes I hit pause though). To me, this is the single greatest love story ever. And it’s people destroying each other, why wouldn’t I love that?

This is my favorite quote from the book:

“Why canst thou not always be a good lass, Cathy?”

“Why cannot you always be a good man, father?”


Yep, that is Sylvia Plath and she reminds of Wuthering Heights. Go figure. Maybe my earnest wish to be in a b&w moment in a place as that, reading WH like that, preferably without the smile, has something to do with it. And she is also sorta reminiscent of younger Cathy. Heh, no need of figuring.

And with that I conclude the first ever picture memories of mine. Hope you enjoy the gallery so much more than I enjoyed gathering the pictures. Oh and that lip graffiti is by Rone. Go check him out, especially his Silver Screen Dreams, and the one below that is Cigarette Girl by Sally Mann. The comic style I got from deviant art:
The rest: tumblr here, miscellaneous blogs there.

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