GUYSSSSSS…my Internet connection hates me! Everytime I switch on the modem, something or whatnot happens and it doesn’t connect. But when my sister is checking out the lastest Eminem or the Strokes album, it runs faster than Usain Bolt(I was in school) and my brother is playing all his stupid, idiotic games, it’s happy to oblige. I’ve probably only got a few minutes before my link with the world expires. I’m stranded and so is the blog! But in good news, I’m finally learning how to knit, something I’ve been desiring for the past 3 months and I’m… a touch below acceptable exce[t that’s totally fine with me considering today’s my first day. Or maybe not… my mum told me today she taught me knitting when I was a kid. So hopefully, it’ll be easier for me as I go on.


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