Author love at first sight: Sarah Waters

Yo folks! I’m back, and with a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve never owned a Kindle before, and I was very much against the motion when my folks wanted to buy it for my birthday earlier this year, but now that I have it unexpectedly, Imma cherish, obviously. Looking for covers and figuring out the shit and, ya know? 🙂

Go to for more awesomeness!

And now for Sssssarah Waters!

  • Tipping the Velvet, 1998
  • Affinity, 1999
  • Fingersmith, 2002
  • The Night Watch, 2006
  • The Little Stranger, 2009
  •  The Paying Guests, 2014

Sometimes it happens that readers critical as me of instant love(not very. critical, that is, but wary.) come across an author, or a book, they read the summary, or they don’t, they don’t see anything but open the book. And something clicks.

Maybe it’s the atmosphere or the reader’s mood or the author’s magical authorness; the reader is caught and that right there, is love forever.
Now, I haven’t ever finished a Waters ever halfway through but I love her with more enthusiasm and willingness than authors whose books I’ve read in double digits and loved most of ’em. But know what? I’m planning on reading and finishing Fingersmith real soon.
And psst… I think the collective love of legions of Waters fans is what caught me- the reviews and ravings and hyperventilations and accolades and memes that each one dreamed up and put down for her- it was that magic, and then afterwards the author magic of her words that shadow-incarcerated me in my wanting to read her books.  

But then, she ain’t just any author, she’s Sarah Waters! Her books make me jumpy, takling ’bout her makes me jumpy, I’m hopped on Sarah-Waters-sugar all round.

Has it happened to you ever? Yet? It’s very fascinating and fantasticating!


PS: don’t be fooled for this is a once in the long forseeable while that I may post because I’m borrowing my pa’s computer in his office since the one at home is still biting its tail and ears.


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