Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3)

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3)Author: Darynda Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Is this right? It’s the twenty-seventh, already?

I had this whole crackpot review all banged up and sorted out but wouldn’t you just rather read the book?

It took me three books but I’ve finally figured out what has me hooked onto the series(I know! HIGH TIME): Charley’s narration. Obvious but it’s always been intimated that once a full moon, in a box transported and decayed by the currents of the Hugli, a flickering, second-hand light bulb-fledgling was taken pity upon and raised up like a slightly dysfunctional human girl by some poor schmucks.

Anywho, overall, my reading experience was along the 3.5 scale but I was convinced by the expected until unexpected ending that made me happy, although from past experiences shouldn’t have because (view spoiler), my morbid side did expect that and prepare me for it. I didn’t prepare to end up loving it. Total shock, sorta.

Anywho part deux, the brighter side of moi that you shall peeks out like a goddamn English sun, I am looking sunnier than a sunny side up as of this moment. Fortunately, my morbid side knows how to take one for the team. Don’t cha wish your dispositions were cooperative like mine? Don’t cha?

I think I finally got what people mean by forced humor in relation to Charley Davidson, because all humor seems forced to me and it’s just that I have to root out the weeds- the ones that the world at large considers forced apart from the ones they find natural(I just find it hard to swallow that funny-ness could be an innate state for humans. Morbidity strikes again). Guess I’m a bit miffed about that because seriously?

Using ESPN in the stead of ESP to be funny is simply lame and indecorous- if that means what I think it does.

Last Impressions:
Reyes: Asshole
Older Davidson brother who shan’t be named: Fucking asshole
Garret: Oh-Em-Gee, man, you fucking rock the shit outta the casbah.
Charley: Pleasedon’tchangePleasedon’tchangePleasedon’tchange, whichI’mforseeingbecausethemenyouaresohorrible.

Knife girl: Thank you, you brightened my already sunny-in-winter day.
Artemis: *sniff* You were and always will be. Awesome.



3 thoughts on “Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3)

  1. I swear I had a comment but it disappeared somehow. LOL. So, I was asking if books 1-2 are really good for me to invest time in it? Don’t want to have to drudge on mediocre books to get to the good parts!

    • The first book is WAY more awesome than this one. But I gotta warn you: the MC is hilarious but sorta vain. Quite unlike Mac from Darkfever, though, so maybe it won’t bother you. And the romance is not that romance-y, just verrry sexy.

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