Goodbye 2013 and you guys too

I think I’m taking a hiatus, a vacation I don’t want; I might have to. 2014 does not bode well for me. 2013 has been a bittersweet with a heap of wonder covered in a coat of vicissitude. I had heartbeats of happiness in the form of emails- accepted for e-galleys, requests for reviews, someone new is following my blog. My friends and I became closer in these 365 days than we did in six years before, I know people I wanted to know, I discovered so many new books and music and heaven and I started baking cakes and a bit of knitting. So yeah, things have been great. Then the bad, there have real bads this year. So bad, I wonder if it’s possible to emerge from them. I’m going to spend the start of a new year, new beginning taking care of my drunk sister, instead of downing cups of coffee and staying up the whole night making eerie noises with my brother and playing stupid games and conferencing with my friends and thinking of reviews to write, which lame as it sounds, is my kinda haven to burrow into during winters.

I don’t want to leave, I don’t think I have a choice and I hope not everyone is sad or disturbed as me. I hope there are smiles to spare, happiness in abundance and glitter in the air.

Here are some changes from my bank of happy memories I created:

I’m the girl with the glasses.

The thing is, we had fun afterwards when we drove the teachers outta the class and danced all day in our class.

82779237209614745770265331202443088493827417780157949751732671317451105A Face Like Glass920607339061353056618192955830616Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock



SO no, the year wasn’t as bad as I was thinking; hell, I read my first Hannah Moskowitz! And I’ve laughed and wore so much red this year! And I cut my own hair. I grew up so much and seeing those stats go up and up, thank you guys! Thank you for unknowingly being a very important part of my life, a constant I fell back on during the blues. You were colorful scarves on a gray, rainy day. I became so much more than a girl within these four walls because of you, I grew up and out because of you, I am someone because of you.

You are the glitter that was missing in my air.

I hear these folks hooting and lighting firecrackers outside; hope you’re one of them.

New Year’s Resolution: Be a better person, cherish my friends, don’t do/be what I won’t wanna remember, send love to everyone. Work towards my dream of cozy Prague winters, snowball fights and warm hot chocolates with marshmallows and lights at night.

I am a simple girl.



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