Uninvited (Uninvited #1)

13645645Author: Sophie Jordan
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars
Shelves: Let me down, Sci-fi

What was it exactly that kept me from settling and reading Uninvited?(Although I did manage to finish it in record time. That’s how I roll, baby!) That had me more inclined towards moving to my own version of tap dancing, and gyrating, and jumping with my hands crosses over my chest, in a hideous parody of the dances those old age sailors did, after downing drums of rum and cheap whiskey? Maybe it was the accidentally added extra spoon(s)(I’m not sure at this point) of coffee to my cup. It could always be the news delivered by the ever faithful about the extension on my winter vacation. Or it was the annoyance I was feeling towards the MC, side characters, similarity to other, many other, books that I’ve read or abandoned over the years.

Uninvited was fun while it lasted, but after that, there’s not much to go on. I’m kind of vacillating between 3 stars and 2 stars, but let it never be said that I haven’t a generous bone in my. If anybody in your general vicinity or even 500m away so much as intimates an intake of oxygen in that direction, you know what to do. Light their pants on fire. Or maybe, you know, keep it within the limits of legality and just cream,”Liar, liar! Pants on Fire!” ‘Cause I’d rather not lose you to the dark side, if you know what I mean.

Like I said, the way it’s told, Uninvited is similar to many stories(The Darkest Minds comes to mind *snigger*), yet the difference is that the first part, Carrier, is the prequel many books forgo. It’s Davy’s sheltered, perfect life and the transformation it undergoes when she’s tested positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS)-aka the kill gene. But methinks, the second part, Mount Haven, is the one worth reading. Yet nothing new, either. Before that, I was tempted one too many times to quit the book. (A)Davy was horrendously whiny and exasperating and (B)it was trite.

Frankly, this sort of concept coupled with the execution has become anachronistic. While I could have seen the story taking turns to broach the nature-vs-nurture concept, it leaned more towards action, and contrasting the old Davy, the sheltered one, against what she’s anticipated to be, or becomes. I think it could have been more thought-provoking and deep; in fact, at moments I did wonder about the HTS gene, the statistics, right and wrong, greater good and individuals’; it was easy to believe the everyday people to be prejudiced in some ways. But at some point, gaping holes in realism and absolute lack of world-building got too much. We have human rights groups today who fight for the guilty and confessed being tortured on remote islands; I can’t be expected to believe that they will all be eradicated around 2021, or believe in the subjugation and incarceration of people with no prior record. Of growing numb and unfeeling enough to leave kids to internment camps in less than a decade. In fact, this has a slight Holocaust-type feel to it. Why the lack of opposition? There were reports and excerpts from bills that showed the gradual coming to power of the private company that becomes federal and is responsible for keeping the HTS in check. But it’s evil that’s fostered, why? Even criminals are given rehab. I did want philosophical rumination but I did not get it. Because, no-no, all this was conveniently circumvented.

Anywho, it’s not just that. It’s the making of dystopia-like(emphasis on the like) world that I don’t believe in.

The plotting is rather simple and the curves and turns easy to predict. Some plot devices were so poor, added so the romantic thread wasn’t left hanging. Moreover, there is nothing. new. Old. mold. Besides Davy, there’s nothing much to go on in this book. Davy herself is a stock character, with predictable turns in her behavior. There was a moment or two when I felt I could grow to like her, but those were fleeting. In all, Davy was boring. It’s awash with YA cliches. Every move to establish the romance was so fucking obvious, the book was like pieces that don’t fit in Tetris, or when a really hopeless person play the game. Awkward and about to fail.

On another note, what I hated more was the blatant misogyny. Again and again, Davy is told she needs to be protected, especially by the romantic interest, Sean. Again and again, girls are seen depending on boys to protect them from others. The entire view on girls in a greater part of the novel bothered me; either they’re victims or perpetrators/mean girls. One of the girls in the first half, Coco, who is a carrier and in the special class of six where carriers are included, she fucks their babysitter, a perv out of college, so the other guys won’t harass her. I did not get this for several reasons.

a. It was obvious the bad guys doing the harassing did NOT respect or fear the babysitter. Why, then, were they afraid of touching Coco?

b. It was evident the babysitter did not care whether they ripped out the other’s jugular or nuggets. Why, then, was she afraid to wield Pepper Spray, or heavens forbid, a knife?!

Maybe to inundate the supposition that Davy needed Sean’s protection.
Fucking idiots, the nicer ones kept telling she needed an ally of Sean, or she won’t survive.

Seems to me she did; seems to me those boys didn’t harass her regardless of Sean. The only time Sean intervened was when perv tried to advance on her, except seems to me, she was handling it on her own, and maybe had she made her stand clear, he probably wouldn’t/couldn’t have done anything.

Moreover, every girl who displayed any ounce of sexuality was shunned. Either bad things happened to them, or they were bad people. Is the nebulous feeling I got.

But by no means do I want to stigmatize Uninvited(haha!), for it was a fast-paced book I breezed through. I just…I expected more piquancy and originality, not this- this typical paradigm of YA dystopia/sci-fi. :/ But seriously, go read other books! Last Jordan for me.

So many threats I made an I just wanted to write a short, simple review. I also realized I’m not that generous after all.

2.5 is the rating.

Or maybe I just need to be tested for HTS.

thank you, harperteen


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