Girl Saves Boy

7944308Author: Steph Bowe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

some books make me cry, some depressed, some makes me laugh and then the ones that make me hope. girl saves boy is of the last kind. you wouldn’t think it, what with a girl who lives like she’s dead, a boy who’s dying and dead mother, brother, father, with memories, but stephen bowe makes it happen. she ends the story and leaves you in a wake of flitting hummingbirds of feels, each more mellow and melodious than the last. or maybe it’s really just me.

girl saves boy is written with a vague sort of intensity; vague in the especial sense that doesn’t have a negative undertone. there’s no manipulation of emotions, it doesn’t strike to make you cry, it doesn’t want you to cry. yes, there are deaths and there is cancer. but it’s not that book: the one about dealing with deaths or with cancer. this book is about celebrating life, it’s about:

But the real question is: how does he end up in love with Jewel Valentine?

sacha and jewel are different people, but birds of a feather in some sense. no she doesn’t steal lawn gnomes nor does he dream of living in a busted up alley, of having nothing, except you can see that at the core, they’re like each other. the chapters alternate between jewel and sacha’s pov and it’s a pretty shortbook. however, from early on the characters are so well defined(seems clinical) acquainted with the reader in such a manner as to bring their personalities to light as if one’s known them for years. when in jewel’s perspective, you can see why sacha says what, what is dancing around, eliminated, unspoken, hinted at words. and it’s not only sacha and jewel, there are also little al and true, whom i think i know and whom i’d want to meet, teenager to teenager. no pseudo-macho b.s nor any fake-feminine b.s. it’s positootly angst free.

these are the characters i’d want to be friends with, i’d want to make smile, i’d want to not ever let go.

his demons are taunting him still whilst hers are in the past and haunting her. his voice is more in the moment while hers is still somewhere in the past, slowly being revived.

so girl saves boy but boy brings back girl. it’s a two way street, people.

there’s inevitability on the corner, for everything, yet it all comes as a gentle surprise every time. whether he lives or dies, she gets her busted up alley or not, true falls for little al or some preppy boy, little al discovers the cure for cancer are answers that don’t really matter; last words don’t matter. it’s what comes before that you should read and smile while at it: the teenage shenanigans, the heartbreak and love, rains and gnomes and art teachers and fetes and spider-man masks.

but really, i liked the ending ’cause the end has no end.

next order of business: acquire a copy of all this could end. somehow. anyhow. aussie books, do be doo be doo!



One thought on “Girl Saves Boy

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