HeartbeatAuthor: Elizabeth Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: Recipe for awesomesauce, Realistic ficion

Unexpected love, sorrow, anger, wants all in heartbeats. Sweet and touching and emotive and intense. All and everything, the worst of times, the worst of circumstances, the beginning of lives as one fades away week by week, visit by visit.

The story ignites in me so many emotions. Scott makes you feel so torn and conflicted, and for. every. damn. character. Because it’s not just Emma’s story, it’s her step-dad’s, there’s her mother long gone but s shadow still here, and the boy who lives in a garage. Different, multiple stories, Emma’s words. And what words they were! The story has not happened, It’s not a tale to be told, it’s happening and should be felt. It’s not a story, it’s a girl and lives. Words aren’t words but figures of emotion and feelings.

But seriously, non-obnoxiously, by the one pearl on my person, it was beautiful and real and like a teenager. Not thinking in perfect structure, full sentences, thoughts dropped in middle because they were too hard; there’s so much inference to be got; hidden words, words not spoken, dare not say, need not say and that’s what makes it so real.

Dan wants his unborn child. Emma wants the dead body of her mother gone. Caleb killed his sister.

Nobody saves another, everyone is drowning and love in the form of car crasher won’t bring her back. The rest is on the shore, calling out to her and she swims herself back to land. Caleb and Emma are there for each other, and they have the sweetness, the real deal of ‘get each other,’ not navel gazing, because he has been and still is where she stands. She doesn’t save Caleb, she can’t. There will always be demons for him. For her, too. It’s the unexpected part, the slow, gentle likeness seeping through that makes it infinitely lovable.

Dan and Emma. There’s so many feelings, layer upon layer, hurt and anger, betrayal and, lurking somewhere, longing.

Emma is not the best. Flaws and mistakes and lashing at the others, is how she lives and grows and learns. But I get Emma, and her feelings aren’t irrational. her actions and perception are laid over by resentment and rue; there’s the soul crushing pain that overlooks the good. There’s a part that can see and want, that overlooks all that’s happened and rewinds with her best friend, listening about kisses and fights and dates where no mother is dead yet being kept on, thinking about normalcy and streaks in hair.

In conclusion, Heartbeat was a fantastic short read where emotions are written in such turmoil like you wouldn’t believe. It was not the greatest story, not the most likable character, not the sweetest love, but it was fantastic.

Te amo Harlequin!



2 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. Emotions in turmoil? That sounds like my kinda read, but I am terribly afraid it will make my eyes a puffy wreck lol. Nevertheless, I think my heart needs more emotions, as my life is becoming void lately lol

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