The League of Cute Mythical Beings

…and that is surely a book you, and I, would love to read. I might take it up in some parallel dimension. Maybe I’ve already written it, yeah? Anywho, all I have, at the risk of disappointing you, is a couple of reviews. But there be indeed cute mythical beings: trolls and purple monsters. And thank you, thank youuuuuuu netgalley!

JellabyJellaby by Kean Soo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

cutest monster ever! in purple!

this is the story of a lonely girl who finds a monster and a lonely boy who ropes himself into helping her, and they go to toronto to return jellaby to its home.

who doesn’t love that? in purple!

the girl was kinda mean to the boy, though, which i see as a product of kid-unhappiness.

the artwork is simple and there is no intricacy about it, but it siuts the mood of the story and is very cute.



The Bully Goat Grim: A Maynard Moose TaleThe Bully Goat Grim: A Maynard Moose Tale by Willy Claflin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

a kids’ book(i’m assuming) but it has a vocab list at the beginning. clearly not for kids.

the story is good and i loved the illustrations. the writing with the long chains of onomatopoeic words is fun.

the book is obviously propagating anti-bully notions, but the main focus was on how to counter bullies, instead of not being a bully, which came much later on. also, on another note, i feel like it’s a but albeist too. see the bully has a ‘random hostility syndrome’ which implies this is a mental problem. in that light, the way it is handled and the bully’s ending seem insensitive. so there’s that.

but great story, especially the troll parents.



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