Donners of the Dead

18524947Author: Karina Halle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: Hot like meh, Fantasy/pnr/everything untoward, Let me down

abandoned at 80%. Also, I kind of went overboard with Scott Pilgrim vs the World gifs, if you can’t tell. I actually wrote the whole review around the gifs rather than vice versa.


I don’t give a shit about these characters, I don’t give a shit about the story. It’s weird how automatically eating human flesh while dying makes one a zombie- is it like fucking vampirism?

Plus, it’s mentioned some tribes down south did eat human flesh, but only a few of them had Wendigo mentions. Moreover, I’m sure ordinary people must have bitten off their skin once or twice and eaten it. The tribes and the Wendigo and the zombies in the mountain, I can get, because there’s the air of mystery about what might have been done before they became zombies.


But Hank? He gets shot, eats human flesh and minutes later is revived as a zombie. Can’t wrap my head around it.


Moving on, I had issues with Jake.

I couldn’t see anyone romancing with him, despite/because of his sob story. He’s flawed and all I get, but I cared for him less than Eve. The romance and sexy time never once clicked with me, and being the kind of reader I am, I decided then that it absolutely wasn’t going to work for me(although I gave it a couple more chapters). Never mind that it was rushed.

The rest of cast I have no comment about.

Beyond that, I don’t think it’s a bad book, and might appeal to many people, but I’m in the throes of what could be fever, exam stress, expiring review copies stress and I need new glasses(I think)(not only because the glitter is coming off), and was reading it at 4 am, so I can’t with a book that gives me nothing, not a flicker of emotion/reaction. I wasn’t even frightened once, nor grossed out.

But this one line did creep me out: something about how his skin smelled warm and nice.

Nothing sucked me in, the atmosphere wasn’t set, and I believe Donners of the Dead is one of few very, very choice books which I lost interest in.

If you liked Darkhouse, I think you might enjoy it for Halle’s trademark writing style and characterization. However, if you ever loved Sins & Needles, especially for how intense and sexy and breathtaking it was, maybe you’d better skip it. ‘Cause this so wasn’t intense, and I think that’s what irked me the most. Because I held it up against Sins & Needles rather than Darkhouse, with which Donners of the Dead has more in common.(Despite the fact that Darknouse scared me once, too.)

And for no reason at all(and obviously I’m not directing it at myself):



2 thoughts on “Donners of the Dead

  1. Awwww, yours is probably the first negative review I’ve seen for this book, Stuti. Haha. I’m going to read this one just because of zombies (is it traditional zombies? or a modern kind of zombie that runs? lol I HATE THOSE). Hopefully I’ll find the story enjoyable enough to overlook the things that didn’t sit well with you! 😀

    Faye @ The Social Potato

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