Mischievous Kiss, Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon: Ep #1

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potato The Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon is being hosted by The Social Potato, and if you want, you can join us here.


Faye’s got all the deets but basically, we are watching and stalking and talking. One episode a week. (Or if you’re really crazy about it, you can pretend one episode a week. I, personally, have restraint. ;))


fayeBut really, that is fucking it. Not rocket science, just passing time like we do. No hard work, no fucking eloquence required because we are all fangirls here. Or fanboy. Or maybe you’ll hate it. Forward your hate mail to The Social Potatoes, too.

Aaaaaand… I don’t feel like reviewing these days; my creative juices have all been juiced and I’m tired of my boring reviews, with rarely a gif to be seen. This is my excuse to still posting on my blog and retaining my few readers. Thank you for struggling on. Domo arigato! How is this book realted, you ask? Why, this is a production of a manga, Itazura Na Kiss.

Itazura na Kiss 1 at MangaFox.me

I hope I’m not the only one who finds the art creepy.

My first J-Drama!!! or is it dramedy? Or not a drama at all? No fucking clue but who cares! Just when I think I prefer the anime, I don’t. On the one hand, what I do like about the serial is the lack of overload of high-pitched voices. That seriously grates on my nerves, be it subbed or dubbed. So proper, even throaty voices and me gusta!!! On the other hand, Kotoko, our MC, while endearingly perky(unlike a lot of shoujo MCs, who are annoyingly perky), has myriad expressions better suited to anime or manga. It all starts to seem contrived and my face hurt simply from watching her shift through all the expressions. Also, she seems to be making up for the main dude, whose facial nerves seem to be disconnected from his feelings. Or maybe he has no feelings. But beyond that, it was good. A little typical, but I liked when Kotoko stood up to the guy’s assholi-ness. . .You go, girl!!!


And what can I say? Foe-yay! Love the trope, ship it above all else(mostly). In theory, I love that the show has got it. But despite inducing fits and shits of giggles, I don’t ship it. Considering I’ve only watched the first episode, I’m not holding anything against it but… the guy’s cute and his lack of personality is destroying everything!!! Give me meat!!!!!! WHY has Kotoko crushed on him for so long? Because he’s tall, cute, intelligent, athletic, all-rounder…um… sorry guys, I think I’m with Kotoko here. I’m capricious as hell, true. Not shipping it yet, however…


There are a couple more tropes, not my kind, but most shoujo manga have them so I’ve basically started to overlook them. For instance, the only guys who play actual roles- who have actual dialogues- include the one(Kin) who has a crush on her and the one whom she crushes on. Kin has two friends who are always in the scene, but they are simply props. And parrots. Don’t even provide comic relief in funny scenes, because the scenes they’re present in are already comic by the agency of some other character- Kotko or Kin. At least her girlfriends have got something or the other to say. Others might not be so magnanimous, especially if you aren’t the biggest fan of manga/anime to begin with.


I’m the guy in blue, the elongated face is the trope. SEE HOW I MANAGE TO RESTRAIN MYSELF??? IGNORE, I’ve learned is the key word.

Awaiting the next episode… Which I’m going to watch, just fucking now. Toodle-doo!!!


P.S. I just discovered Miles Edgeworth, you’re probably familiar with him after this post(we’re the best of chums, though YOU won’t get here that easily). He seems cool, gonna check out what he does in that red jacket of his.


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