Mischievous Kiss, Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon: Ep #2

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potato The Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon is being hosted by The Social Potato, and blah blah on the previous posts: recap of ep1 on The Social Potato and over here on the blog.

And so it gets better, it does! This week’s designated episode induced a variety of emotions- including rage. Rage is my word of the week. Well actually, I’m writing it on Sunday, so word of the previous week for you guys. My favorite part is that Naoki has become more real now. Ruffled feathers and all that. Kotoko obtains a mortifying picture of his and threatens to out him to the school, blackmailing him into tutoring her for the finals. I now truly appreciate the actor playing Naoki. His reactions seem plausible- even though they’re very subtle.

We can’t all be so expressive.

Kin’s acting still leaves a lot to be desired, and is so very forced. I get that he and his friends are trying to translate the manga into a drama, but the cuteness and inanity and all that kawaii-ness requires a different approach altogether. It is annoying and unrealistic, in contrast with what Naoki appears to be. I have half a mind to declare he’s the most realistic character of them all- and it took only a week for me to come here. :/



Let’s discuss what’s bothering me the most: Kotoko’s best friends’ actions. They were horrid and out-of-line. You violated two people’s privacy for the most stupid of reasons when you expressly promised to keep a secret. Even before that I had trouble understanding these two characters. Your best friend is mortified, a secret she doesn’t want you to know is out, and there might be something else she’s hinding and you discover it. Do you scream and announce it to the whole class? Or do you act like a reasonable person and take your friend aside and then grill her, and then, at the very least, threaten to expose her, so she has a little warning?


Besides all this, Kotoko herself is acting betrayed and all- not toward her friends but towards Naoki, who is peeved that the secret got out. He’s fucking justified, girl!!!! Turn those kicked-puppy eyes toward someone else, please.


I can’t believe I’m team Naoki this week while earlier I heatedly hated him and endorsed Kotoko and her friends. I wonder if the next week will have me rooting for Naoki’s mom and her penchant for selfies…


Safe to say I don’t want any more of this in the next episode.


P.S. This week our guest is Twilight Sparkle. I’ve decided every week we’ll have a new one just because. And well, you should stay tuned for that, at the very least. 😛


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