WWW Wednesday #2

WWW_Wednesdays4Hosted by: MizB at Should Be Reading

Description: WWW Wednesday is a weekly event where you share:

(1) What you’re currently reading,

(2) What you recently finished reading, and

(3) What you think you’ll read next.


What are you currently reading?

SO I seem to be out of my flunk(cure: good books listed below). So I’m reading Deep Blue, which I should’ve already read and reviewed, but it’s hard although I’m only about 30 pages in. It’s set in the merworld, and there are all these descriptions with jewels and gems and all things sea that bores me and stymies me from continuing. Like what the actual hell?! Could Jennifer Donnely not have written it in at least understandable English, for ignorant dimwits like me? And the narrator is toooo childish. But I’m also reading The Weight of Blood, which I requested ages ago, and now, ages later having read not-so-rave reviews, now that I’m NOT in the mood to read it, the publishers very kindly(snort) have accepted my request. However it’s not so bad yet, but I’m only in to the first chapter so we have yet so see. I was also reading Retribution Falls, but I’ve put it on hold because it got a bit boring, despite the rakish and immoral pirates.

18601430The Weight of Blood6285903


What you recently finished reading?

Prep School Confidential and Team Human. SO FUCKING FANTASTIC. Maybe, Team Human was on the side of slightly fantastic, but it got me out of my funk. SO YAY! And PSC? This book is the best shit ever(for the moment). I don’t know why it has so few reviews, because this was an awesome mystery with a kick-ass protagonist, interesting love triangle which was not manhandled(YES, this DOES happen once in a blue moon.) SO if you’re not reading it, I’m not super interested in what you’re doing. (Actually, I am. It’s a chronic problem because I’m always wayyyyy too interested in everrything, like the history of Pizza Hut on the back of the menu, which annoys my sister because she’d rather satisfy her hunger than my curiosity, and I know, this girl doesn’t have her priorities straightened out!)

What you think you’ll read next?

No more recipes for me, for at least the next few days. And I’m thinking Wicked Little Secrets(sequel to PSC) aannnnd… I can’t think that much into the future. I’m more of a now girl, but it should be The Jade Temptress which was also on my last WWW post and has been out for a shitlong time.


18246316 17905353


SO DIDJA FIND A BOOK LIKE PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL?!?!?! If so, tell me. If not, tell me regardless because I’m nosy and interested and if not, you’ll get another clown. Even scarier, this time round.


Because what the hell.


10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #2

  1. Yaaay! You read Prep School Confidential! I totally hope you love Wicked Little Secrets. Anne Dowling is srsly just as awesome. And I just read a review where the Mer book was described as awful, so I understand you there. She said the world-building was an overkill. HAHA!

    • I did and she was!!! Ugh. Deep Blue. I’m done with it. The description was headache inducing in the beginning but everything is so juvenile and half-hearted I can’t finish the remaining 50 pages or so that are left.

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