Michievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Ep #3

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potatoThe Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Monday Marathon is being hosted by The Social Potato, which you should know by now because I feel like I’ve been talking about it since forever.
Like with about every other thing, I seem to be falling out of love with Mischievous Kiss just as hard as I fell for it. I’m not in the kids. I’m not big on J-drama. Maybe this is how it goes but I’m more comfortable with critiquing books and let me tell you the things I would rip a book(figuratively) for are in abundance in the third episode of the show.


Everyone is brushing off everything; everyone is way too damn meddling and they’re ALL being asses. The actions of import, one that could make or break a relationship or acquaintance, at the very least, are dealt with momentarily. Hell no, it’s not even dealt with. Because they’re busy moving forward to the purported cuteness of the romance. It’s not cute anymore to me. Kotoko is not cute anymore, she’s kind of a doormat.


Another thing that pissed me off was Kotoko’s father’s comment that Kotoko will never get a husband because she can’t fucking cook. Ass. There are so many issues I had with this comment. And reactions, and lack thereof, from the others. There was Kotoko, silent and mortified and accepting. And what? 17 years old. And one of the top 100 students. There was Kin and her friends, spying and excitable and none-of-your-fucking-business. Everyone else silent. Until the mom, making a comment in favor of her ship. Why is she so obsessed with Naoki and Kotoko? Never mind that, that’s A-Ok, ’cause it pales in light of other comments and events.


I love high-school crush romances. Especially funny ones. I love shipping them but realistically, it’s rare for them to pan out. But these are stories, right? Okay so. But Kotoko has a crush on Naoki; Naoki might be starting to develop one himself. This is not true love. Not a romance that will carry on into college years and result in seaside vacations, holding hands and whatever crap. It’s not that. At least, just yet. So why is everyone acting like it is? Every-fucking-one except maybe Naoki and his brother. Crush people. Crushes also fade sometimes(which ain’t the case here obviously). Naoki’s mom gives this big story-lecture to Kotoko about how she married her husband when she was 19 and had better prospects and he was wayy older but she fell for him which is absolutely grool for her, but it was a lecture whose point I couldn’t quite grasp besides that Kotoko should truly fall for her son and give not one thought to anyone else because she can’t wrap her mind around crushes and teenagers. I’m just thinking ummmmm dudes? last year starting and all. Maybe a thought to colleges and jobs and the shit that goes around.


Basically, this episode was filled to the brim with marriage references and even disregarding my aversion to all things teenagers and weddings, this was unrelatable and un-cute and infuriating at times.

I’m not quitting which I do for just about every other thing because maybe it’ll get better? Also, I got nothing better to do.


Goodbye and there’ll be a review, an actual review since who knows when on this blog.


P.S. No visitor this week because ________. (And you fill in the blank.)


4 thoughts on “Michievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Ep #3

  1. I didn’t think much of the father’s comments because Japan has a different culture than my own. There will be tons of more references to women and getting married since in Japan women are usually the base and center of a household, so yeah, Kotoko’s father was kind of making a point. Not saying that it’s okay, just offering that perspective.

    Anyway, I agree that Kotoko’s friends are dicks. I’m not sure why she hangs out with them.

    • twss. I guess you’re right. THANKS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Won’t make my perception change but I could grant them some liberty, I suppose. And dicks dicks all around! Heheheh! I guess it was slim pickings. ๐Ÿ˜›

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