Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Monday Marathon Ep #4

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I made no secret of my dislike for the third episode.
Yet somehow my love, and more. for the show has resurfaced with vengeance. The affection I feel for Naoki now seems laughable and juvenile in comparison to the crush I have on him presently. Things did feel staged at scenes like when Kotoko finally falls, but when he picks her up? Man, I don’t even care. Could it be a coincidence that the episode that has rejuvenated my love has at the most, three or four Kin scenes? Could be. The scenes were pretty damn serious, too, because he’s done something he doesn’t want Kotoko to know, and being a creepster seems to be more natural for him than an over-zealous and smitten friend. I think I like to see him suffer. I also think we might need Okita Sougo soon if my interest is to be held. (Haha just kidding. In case you aren’t a Gintama fan(why, I ask you) Sougo is a super sadist.)


But no really. I don’t hate him because I’m neutral towards him. I’d rather not expend too much energy on his characters and let’s face it, sometimes he seems endearing in his devotion. The food, people! I’m talking about THE FOOD he makes.


This episode was more Naoki-driven, I felt and I was simply fine with that. I prefer his broodiness to Kotoko’s perkiness and sometimes, in his reactions, I can relate to him when he’s trying to be bland and uninterested because he can’t think of another way to react. His subtle expressions are now part of his charm and make him all the more realistic, I think, for me. College matters and family expectations were important themes in his snippet of life, but romance wasn’t overlooked while the episode was oriented towards the former. One thing I couldn’t figure out was his distasteful expression for the chocolate Kotoko makes him- she uses a chocolate bar from store and remoulds it into a shape of heart. So it’s a simple chocolate with decorations on top that were also store-bought. She didn’t make shit so why did he think she fucked up that too? I could see the motivation behind that scene but it was a discrepancy that I overlooked with difficulty.

Kotoko annoyed me still with her harboring of guilt- he’s just one of those super-noble, self-sacrificing people that steal from the story and infuriate me with their pity-parties. I was glad it was only short-lived.
(Think I might have guilt complex?)

The episode started out with college talks and beautiful kimonos, heralding an hour that was cute, fun and introspective, on the part of Naoki. Beautiful, exotic clothes: you have me roped in. It didn’t end on similarly high a note, but I don’t have any regrets now.

My guest was obvious but what did you expect? I did mention him and I haven’t had another chance to just show the world my appreciation for his character. You never got this before? These Monday posts aren’t about you or the show or the potatoes, but mememememe! MEEEEEE!!!


Until next Monday. (No Just kidding, that’s a week away. I meant until tomorrow with a review. That is hilariously stupid, which is my MO, or rather which I WANT to be my MO. But you can’t -always- get- what- you- want)


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