Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #5

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potatoHosted by The Social Potato. It’s been over a month people!!! Time for episode FIVE. Fifth WEEK. Less of bullshit this time because my results come out tomorrow and I have the heebie-jeebies. Gotta make a fine, studious impression on the ‘rents in case/when the result isn’t as stellar as they expected(don’t be surprised if I’m gone, gone, gone the next few days).


Episode 5 was cute as can be expected but nowhere near what I felt for the fourth episode, except maybe those last few moments….(FYI, this is space for dreamy sigh *sighhhhhhh*)

It all starts with their last day, talking about graduation and school legends and secret kisses from Naoki. Kotoko and her friends’ actions, reactions and everything in between and beyond were enthusiastic and goofy enough to make relatable and I was soon caught up in them and their fantasies.

I especially liked that Kin wasn’t as big of an annoying, meddling prick as he usually is. In fact, he plays a feature role in this episode and the first third especially concentrates on him. We get to hear about his past and dreams, and what troubles him. Since he couldn’t get into the Tonan University, he feels like a failure and adding fuel to the fire is that Naoki leaves his chances at the prestigious Tokyo U to follow Kotoko in Tonan. Overall, his character still bugs me the wrong way but only slightly, in the way houseflies buzz around, as opposed to a monkey that steal your Popsicle every bloody time and thinks that will endear it to you. No, it won’t. I like my Popsicle.


Naoki’s jealousy provided for such evil grin moments that I can’t even rage at him for relapsing, for a few short whiles, back to his douchebaggery. If I had to be nitpicky, I’d say that while the animosity between Class A(Naoki’s) and Class F(Kotoko’s), and their teachers was fun to boot, the girls of Class A who pick on Kotoko in secret have got to be some of the lamest and trite characters I’ve come across. Thank goodness it was short-lived.

I’m fearing the next episode because third girls do not bode well with me, since their characterization is always predictably crappy but no more comments just yet on what I saw in the teaser for Ep #6.


Overall, it was what I expected from Mischievous Kiss since the first episode. It was a letdown from the last one, whose effects continue to linger on; several steps up from the third one, whose effects also continue to linger on, but in a distant memory. In short, this one was nothing to snub your nose at either.

(As you probably noticed, we don’t have a guest this time around, but instead a running theme because REASONS.)




4 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #5

  1. Amen, sister, amen. I really liked Kin-chan in this episode, too. I mean I still don’t like-like him, but my heart softened a bit when he was telling Kotoko his feelings and doubts and insecurities. Like whoa, depth much?!?! 😀

    AND YES, that part with the three girls ganging up on Kotoko, thinking she was the reason why Naoki didn’t go to Tokyo U, was suuuuper ridiculous that it was laughable. I just laughed at it really because of its lameness :))

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