Evidently I haven’t been around lately BUT! my results came and HOLY SHIT! I aced them. 10 CGPA(ie, 95-100%) overall and in each of the subjects so I don’t have hell to pay to my parents. You ask, yet why I haven’t been around? BECAUSE REASONS. Actually, no reason. I’ve just a lazy-ass. I did read a couple of books but that’s the limit of my productivity. Well you people, I hope are being more productive. Or not. I’ll love you regardless becauseeeeeee. Officially boycotting Amazon and their attempts to monopolize the book industry. (Unless I have no other option.)

Summer vacations can suck-ass or kick-ass. Mine is in the middle(thank god for the upgrade!). If yours is leaning towards the former, message me and let me hellllp you. And you better help yourself too. And kick-ass, be in your basement or someone else’s or anywhere- literally, figuratively, abstractly whatever! But don’t hurt anyone in the process.

Have a nice life, yo!


5 thoughts on “WHAT UP, PEOPLE?

    • My tenth exam results. I’m now officially a junior- no wait, not enrolled in any school yet. Crap. It means there’ll be more reviewsss!!!!

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