Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #6

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potatoThis new episode sure took s lot out of me- until Faye(who is hosting the Marathon over on the Social Potatoes) bumbled along! And gave me a YouTube url. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I’m not sure if I should attribute my lingering annoyance to *that* or maybe it was the episode. To begin with, it was the usual. New girl enters- the only girl in the engineering department who also happens to be extremely beautiful, athletic and shares a platonic history with Naoki. So of COURSE she’s after Naoki.


*cue eye roll*

Lots of other things, Naoki tries to secretly join a club, Kotoko follows him, turns out it’s a TENNIS club, which the new girl is also joining. She’s a professional, just like Naoki.

*cue eye roll*

She(new girl) plays no actual role beyond making one pointed remark, making posh faces(you gotta see it to know it) and flipping her hair.

*cue eye roll*


Pucca’s love triangle was more awesome. LOOK AT HER HAIR!!!

But I’m derailing. When Kotoko follows Naoki, it looks like it’s raining!!! I’m a sucker for rains. But then they go out to try out for Tennis and it’s the perfect weather. Sigh, I guess it could have been my wishful thinking.

You have to admire Kotoko’s gumption but sometimes I think she goes too far in her quest to conquer Naoki’s heart. Seeing her soul getting stretched out during tennis practice, wowzers. Gives one a new perspective on masochism.

And now KinKinKin, last episode I decided to give you another chance. But no, it seems you are set in your ways. This time around he’s decided he’s going to protect Kotoko from Naoki. Nobody fucking asked you, Kotoko didn’t fucking ask you because newsflash! She fucking likes/maybe loves Naoki. Maybe he hasn’t done anything yet but his self-assured assurance to Kotoko’s father that he’ll keep away that evil, evil Naoki- nyan, nyan, nyan! you canyan do that!


Lastly, Kotoko’s friends sure have got some weird notions. I would like to see more actual college stuff to make it more realistic. Naoki is an ass because of the last few moments of the show. ASS, I tell you.


(Say hello! to Pucca people. And I sure do hope for your(and mine) sake you aren’t hiding Garu; I don’t want to lose you.)



2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #6

  1. Hahaha, I look forward to your recaps a lot, Stuti. They certainly contain more personality than mine šŸ˜› In any case, I’m kinda dumb-struck how much this episode seems to be slower in pace. LOL Zoe for the first time complained in her ep6 feedback šŸ˜› Let’s just how Kin doesn’t annoy me as much as he annoyed you !

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  2. Bahaha! xD I seriously feel bad for Kin, but he’s just an annoying ass most of the time! And Naoki.. I’d hate him if he weren’t as cute as he is. ;P Love your recap, Stuti!

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