17334271Author: Katherine Rundell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Shelf: Historical fiction

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this is a book that could make you insanely jealous. why can’t i whistle?


and meanwhile, it is also the most wonderful thing ever. it’s not all fun; rather sad, in fact, in passing. but we don’t care about the sad- it passes. it happens; it goes. on the other hand, wonderful things you’ll have to hunt for and keep close.

even if it floats down to you in a cello case. or you happen to open your eyes to it.

anyways, my personal playlist(of three songs :/) for Rooftoppers:

the beginning of the story, in england:…

much later, in paris and on rooftops:
all the happy and sad and skinned knees and everything…

and of course, for the especially happy and wonderful times on rooftops:…

Oh my love
Oh it was a funny little thing
To be the ones to’ve seen

some of my favorite quotes:

“It is kinder than you think,” she whispered… “It is wilder than you think.”

“I guess you become strange, even if you didn’t start out strange.”

“It is difficult to believe in extraordinary things. It’s a talent you have, Sophie. Don’t lose it.”

“Music will work the same way as magic does, sometimes.”

Play, she told herself. Remember how it sounds when you dream.

The music, though, kept going.

Stars, Sophie told herself, do not sing, except in bad poetry; otherwise, she would have said the stars themselves were singing.

“…I think you might be the thing I’ve been looking for.”

It’s not a review, not even close to one yet it’s the most I could manage; it’s not a book that should go unheard of, or unread.




6 thoughts on “Rooftoppers

  1. Little known fact, I have always wanted to be able to put my fingers up to my lips and do that high shrill whistle some people (my husband included) can do. I am always so jealous when others can do it. I can barely whistle norally, seriously, it is pathetic.

    This sounds wonderful, great review!

    • Thank you!

      Mine is pathetic, too. It sound like the whistle of a cooker. *sigh* All my uncles can do it and have been making me jealous since I was a kid. :/

  2. This book sounds heavenly, Stuti!
    And the fact that you cannot even muster up a review for this.. well I am curious (also that cover, HOT DAMN!)

    Thanks for sharing, hon!! 🙂

    • I HATE YOU. (I know, it’s so fantastic and there are illustrations at the beginning of each chapter but nowhere near as good as that cover.)

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