6380220Author: Kate Brian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: Realistic Fiction, Work yoself Rashika

Two Exes. One holiday adventure. Merry Ex-Mas?

Seventeen-year-old Lila Beckwith’s parents just left for vacation, and Lila’s all set to throw the holiday party of the season. But when her Christmas-obsessed little brother, Cooper, discovers that global warming is melting the North Pole, he and his best friend, Tyler, take off on a runaway mission to save Santa.

Lila has to get Cooper safely home before her parents get back on Christmas Eve. But the only person who can help her is Tyler’s older brother, Beau — a.k.a. Lila’s musician, anti-everything ex-boyfriend.

It’ll take more than a Christmas miracle for Lila and Beau to overcome their differences and find their fugitive brothers. But could a journey destined for disaster help these polar opposites fall in love…all over again?


Oh this was pretty damn cute. These books are ruining me for the future and prospects it’ll bring along by making me all mushy and crap but I don’t want them to end.

And if I could get by in a cute romance book without coming across ‘slut’ or ‘skank’ or other variation used in a pejorative sense, I’d be a happier reader. Another of my complaints is that the other kids shouldn’t have been shown as so completely shallow-like Beau was right all along. What crap. Moreover, it didn’t seem to me like he’d actually made some progress as a person when it came to his sitting-on-high-horse-we-cant-see-ness. PLEASE. I don’t like bubblegum pop either but seriously dude? where do you get off making fun of people for their choices in music, clothes or makeup?

But I did like the whole adventure angle.

I didn’t like the little kid getting off easily for tattling angle. Kids, especially by the year they’re eight, should already learn that it’s NOT okay to tattle. This is why kids are so dangerous. They make you want to punch them but soon as the thought crosses your mind, you want to rip up yourself, undo your entire existence, wipe the very last traces of noise you unleashed into the universe from aforementioned because thinking about punching kids is not done. It’s a fundamental concept. But kids tattling is NOT humane. But then I guess those punks aren’t actually humans yet, you know?

BUT JEEZ, my brother learned not to tattle before he was six. Or something. My sister and I made sure of that, and we didn’t even have that much of anything to hide at that point. Now is an entirely different matter though; and he wouldn’t. even. dare. to. think. of. it. or. try. to extort. something. outta. us.

I wasn’t even planning on reviweing this book(like you did, they say. In your face, I say). Or little kids. But Buddha says I must impart my wisdom to the world and so I shall! HI-YA!

(MY STUPID FUCKING MODEM MY STUPID FUCKING MODEM MY STUPID FUCKING MODEM straighten your shit or you’re outta here I thought I told you this world is not for you)



7 thoughts on “Ex-Mas

  1. You really should tell me what those Wushu images correspond to 😛 I keep looking for a rating but it’s not there! In any case, you sound like you’d make an interesting sister 😛 I have three brothers and they tattle on me all the time, it’s annoying. And kids at that age, where they’re all false bravado and everything, can be annoying. God knows I had problems with them growing up!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  2. You must always impart your knowledge on us.. the ones who don’t know any better but I do don’t I?

    I am going to defend Beau though (it’s been a while since I’ve read this so my defence could be completely inaccurate) but his bff aka gf did leave him for the popular kids… I’d be a little bitter and judgemental too 😛

    The kids were a little annoying though.. EH. 😛

    BUT HEY you do have to give me credit, it was definitely a feel-good book in spite of the fact that it had plenty of issues.

    • You get all the credit and Cumberbatch(if I had him)!

      I actually liked him for the most part and what bothered me were not his actions from ages ago but the words ones from the car, making all these snappy judgements and other kinds of crap. I’m not the most popular or sociable person, but I ain’t ready to accept that all the popular kids are assholes.(Mostly because some of those kids are my best friends. the universe works in mysterious ways…)

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