Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #8

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potato Episode 8 turned out to be like Mac & Cheese. People love Mac & Cheese; IMO, it’s the most redundant, forgettable, slacker food out there. You eat it while you eat it, you forget it once you’re done. You don’t need taste buds for it. You don’t need expressions.

You don’t need shit. You watch and watch and it drives away the rats, purges your stomach but one would be hard-pressed to think of it first, be one in dire need or not.

Episode 8 did what it was prescribed to do: filled up my time without boring me. And I don’t remember shit. About what I felt, what I thought, what I gave a crap about through the entirety of the episode.

The exception to this are a few characters who icked me out:

Mama Irie. She deliberately made Kotoko’s father’s life hell, who only wanted what he thought to be best for his daughter. I used to discard/condone her actions because she wasn’t actually real and secondly, she rooted for her OTP so hard. But even my identity as a fangirl couldn’t keep me from freaking out. Butt out, Mama! Or else…


The whole Irie family is hellbent on destroying Kotoko’s self-esteem.

Sodo-san. He’s an old creep following the young girl who’s shown no, absolutely no, interest in him. You could say the same for Kotoko but bejesus, Noaki’s already did so many romantic things with, been such a fucking jerk to her and I am hypocritical with various conditions, so she’s excused.

Beyond these two, I don’t have much to say about the episode. Kotoko and Sudo spied on The Girl With No Personality, while Kin spied on Kotoko and her friends(also not done but it was kinda funny); lots of boring dating because Naoki and TGWNP make for a boring, super boring couple regardless of what Kotoko says.

In any case, it was not the worst of episode and could’ve used a few more jokes. I liked Naoki and Kotoko for the most part, even if the latter’s whining keeps annoying me. As before, Kotoko’s father, may the force be with you.


(I like to think I was Ferb for/during this specific episode. Ferb doesn’t agree. Apparently, he’s more expressive.)



2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo Ep #8

  1. This is a popular drama on viki, but I haven’t watched it because I’ve already watched the Korean version… So, I already know the ending. I’m sorry to hear that this was a boring episode, hope you’ll enjoy the next one! I love the last gif. ^_^

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