Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Monday Marathon Ep#9

mischievous kiss love in tokyo the social potato Summer is almost over, I have studies to catch up to, sisters to deliver, a simple, low-paying job I’m taking up. It’s going to be hectic. There will be so much rush. Huh! On the other hand is Mischievous Kiss, going through the same motions. The opposite of rush. Slow, slow, row yo boat (and get outta here).

For those of you aspiring to watch this show, guyssss, this story hasn’t moved forward from the original episode in nine fucking weeks. And I’m tired.

Kotoko is still pining, Naoki is still aloof and Shakespeare is bored. The only character I’ve come across with any character development is Kin, and I’m not watching this show for him.

In fact, there was a false alarm in episode #9 when I thought that yes! finally! long time no see! took you long enough! character development for Kotoko. Let me relate how it’s brought along:

Naoki has moved out of the house, Kotoko cannot ascertain why but is sure it’s because of her because duh! the whole fucking world revolves around her. Then she stalks him(obviously) and sees as he walks into an apartment or something with The Other Girl and doesn’t come out for hours.

Oh gasp! THEY ARE LIVING TOGETHER! But-but… he said he doesn’t hate Kotko. How could this beee??

Thankfully, Kotoko’s friends tell her that dude, I don’t hate you doesn’t equal I love you. So-so… he hated her? Ah, cue moping around. Again Kotoko’s friends, the good people that they are, confront Naoki all gangsta-like for Kotoko. Nothing comes of it, but I still like them for the effort. After almost an entire episode, Kotoko finally realizes that she has people all around that she loves, and who love her so yay! let’s get back to life. This was the false alarm.

Naoki intervenes, revelations ensue, and lo behold! she’s in love with him again. We’re back where we started.

Ugh. Sure, there are things to read between the lines, but I’m tired. There’s no overt development and in a way, I admire the writers for the subtle progressions in Naoki but when it comes to Kotoko and to them as a couple…

It’s funny that the characters I started out hating are actually the ones I prefer now-Kin and Kotoko’s friends. So I guess some things have happened in nine weeks.’

NINE WEEKS. Whew! Scary.

So this, probably, concludes the marathon I’ve been on with Kotoko and the Potato. It ends here. I’d initially thought to give it one more episode but I just don’t have the time. Or desire. So why plod along? I could be watching Orange is the New Black, FIFA2014 or Musishi instead. Hell, I could be watching Bakemonogatari. Or hot football dudes. There’s a lot to be said for those dude.

Gooooooooo Netherlands!


also *swooooooon*(if I were they type to swoon which, despite the textual evidence to the contrary, is something I’m not given to)



2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Monday Marathon Ep#9

  1. God, I feel the same way. I was starting to become super annoyed with how it feels dragging already. It’s come to the point I don’t even want to do the recaps anymore because it would just be the same old story again. I wish she would just stop loving him (at least show that she loves him) and make him chase her.

    If you’re interested, just watch episode 16, the finale. Episode 1-15 Naoki is very cold. Episode 16 is when Kin proposes to Kotoko, and Naoki goes, “KOTOKO IS GETTING MARRIED?!” then looks for her and then suddenly goes lovey-dovey. LIKE SERIOUSLY IT’S SO LAUGHABLE =))) FOR 15 EPISODES HE’S SUCH A COLD-HEARTED JACKASS AND ALL OF A SUDDEN HE’S ALL SO SWEET. Seriously. Skip the rest, just go to 16 already.

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  2. This is absolutely brilliant! Congratulations on trying to revitalize the written word no texting, no email, no whatever’s next! I do not own a computer proud of being “computer free”. Maybe old fashioned, but receiving a hand written letter is planning to be so refreshing! Thanks for focusing on a rapidly declining art the hand written letter and/or note.Can’t wait around to receive my first letter! Judy Robertson

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