Happy Independence Day!

Okay, so it might not be as such for a greater part of yous, but us Indians! We finally had in our grasp liberty 68 years ago, just a day after our sister nation(not that people from either country actually admit it), Pakistan. Anyways, India just might be on the path to, you know, civilization this year. MIGHT BE. We have traffic police officers hanging onto the bonnet of a moving car ’cause the ass driving it wouldn’t slow down, along with laws to protect donkeys(yay for animal safety!) and the introduction of the third gender into the legal system.

But blah bleh bluh, you can find that shit in any newspaper. What you won’t find is me. Get ready for a whole dose of me.


It’s raining outside, by the way, and I can’t figure out why. Because nooooo, it couldn’t have poured yesterday while we forcibly marched and marched for over 40 minutes at school.

What would my dream Independence Day be like?

Solemnity, daring and solidarity in the air. Like fuck, I’m just kidding. What I’d done away with is the pretentiousness of it all. It’s annoying and icky, like flies buzzing around a food stall. Ninjas wouldn’t be allowed ’cause really, they won’t contribute shit because *gasp* they be invisible, so they might as well not take up space. If they’re extra nice, I’d let them be up on the skylight or something, managing the spotlights.

Along with requisite history lectures, there would be snippets from books like The Hunger Games and movies. A graphic parade all across the country- course, that’d require leprechauns being benevolent for once and raining down gold and in return.

Mandatory fulfillment of one thing from their respective bucket lists for legal adults, with certain loopholes. Buckets lists mandatory, of course, even fake, stupid ones. Everything provided for by the Santas of Independence  Day.

It would be an extended day, thrice as long as ordinary days where one would experience simulations of different forms of government for regular periods of time. Privilege snatched away for hour(s), shoes exchanged, voluntarily obviously.

AND PARADES! Parades of all things accomplished that year, all the changes- positive or negative,- reminders of what we’ve lost and what’s yet to be gained. And satires. SATIRES MUCH NEEDED. Satirical parades. Day from Legend doing salsa with The One from Witch and Wizard. Nothing too intellectual lest it be lost on me, however. XD

To end with, the beheading of Joffrey’s doll, along with President Snow and herherherwhokilledallthatpoorKatnisshad(sorry I’m still emotional after so many years) and well, crappy characters from crappy books and good books alike. Or not. Too many faint of hearts in the audience.
Let just there be a wax house of evil wax creatures from Indian history that we did or not defeat, and then burn it down, contain the smoke, do magical shit so it doesn’t harm the environment. And replenish all the resources wasted on the day.

It’d be a day for extravagance and my lack of imagination; just emotions turned to actions and magical crap.


What would yours be like?


2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Yay! 🙂 Independence Days are the awesome-est. I know how it feels – our country was finally given to us around the 1930s, I think? America let us go then (a few thirty or so years after buying us from Spain… lol thanks America). There’s usually a speech by the president that is broadcasted live on TV, a few parades here and there, and the city is given the freedom to choose however they wanna celebrate it. Unfortunately, I’ve found ours mundane XD

    But if I had it my way, BUFFET FOR EVERYONE!!! Nothing better than food, quoting myself.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. I am not very prideful when it comes to my country, so I tend to stay at home and watch movies.

    Happy Independence Day!

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