I could sleep for a thousand years…(YES the Velvet Underground song)

I actually did sleep somewhat to that effect. Till 1:00 pm in the afternoon. But that’s not really of concern and don’t be worried(or… excited?) this post isn’t about BDSM. Nah, this is the semi-monthly or so post about me being remiss in my duties and not posting/reviewing as regularly as I should, despite the list of books frowning down upon me. To be honest, I haven’t really been reading either. Just dabbling here and there, and there and here. Getting bored as fuck of everything and making requests for books like a goddamn whirlwind.

Buuuttt… I got into City Hunter and Arrested Development yesterday! Well, I’ve only seen one episode of each and so basically the point of this post: I’m a disappointment. I don’t think I’m good for you, bringing both of us down to my level. You mustn’t waste you time on my anymore. Go out and explore the world and sniff-oh, this is so hard but we have to break it off. It’s not you, it’s me, you see that, don’t you?

Hell no, I’m shitting you. If I ever do break it off, keep it in mind that I shall blame you and you only, be it your fault or not. (Just kidding… I’ll blame it on the weather.) I fucking love you people. Anyways, I don’t know what came over me. This is why I shouldn’t be allotted free time, either I waste it on notreading/notreviewing, or I start to pretend at a damsel in a terrible romantic drama.

In conclusion, if you’ve stuck through the entire post, I love you all the more for it, and you have my blessing to go out and look for other blogs as an interim-whateveryouconsideredme and for the love of all that’s holey(geddit, Fred?), don’t sit there obsessing over my page for new posts. Oh don’t deny it, I know you dooooo. 😀 (Don’t break my heart and confirm otherwise, please.)

I’ll be back all fit and fine and eager to do your bidding, should you choose to impart commands; a sneak into what kind of books I might be reviewing:


Hearts forever and ever amen. All of them broken.

Eh meh bleh but fun!


2 thoughts on “I could sleep for a thousand years…(YES the Velvet Underground song)

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