What Up? Report, blackouts, resolutions yada

Like pretty much everything in relation to me, this post is late. But can you blame me? I was enjoying one of the only two holiday festivals that I’m able to appreciate and after that, there was a final day of misery, clogged-up throat, weather changes and goodbyes to maintain the equilibrium of living.



(This seems a tad pathetic now…)

But dramadramadrama!

It seems that I accidentally set about on my own blogger blackout, something that many bloggers have been doing, as a stand. Now I’m thinking to prolong it or maybe not because the itch to review is getting worse, plus looking at all those archived books I haven’t reviewed bugs me like someone dragging their claw-nails on a blackboard or whatever. Anyways, so #bloggerblackout will mean no reviews, promo posts or anything author-related. Nonono. Until November 1. I think Imma do it.

SO DIWALI: I almost got burnt, cracker burst near my hand, jumped on the sparks of a chakri, saw tortured bats and dogs prevailing against sensory assault, felt like shit and did no more, lit candles and diyas because that’s what I love best, kicked asses at Poker (sadly no money exchanged hands), played with powder colours, swore to do my best by the environment as penance & duty, and took stupid selfies with different people.

More wholesome than baseball, no?

Sadly, I didn’t get much time in edgewise so no reading for me, not more than a 10 or so pages of this physics book I’m reading on time (what’s sadder is that I don’t study physics at school anymore and I’m doing this one for recreation). Then I came down with bad health and the suffocating, dripping bosom of dear sickness held me so close that my slight claustrophobia couldn’t help but lash out on my reading habit and please stop reading because I don’t even comprehend what I’m writing anymore.

Anyways, on the spur of moment, I’ve decided to join NaNoWriMo and for the first time ever, I’m serious and I’m actually going to do. Setting the limit to about 20,000 words but I think that’s because it hasn’t sunk in yet how many words/tears/panic attacks that is. I’ll probably post my status on a weekly basis and am hoping to actually succeed with conception and conclusion, although as of yet, I’ve no idea what my story will be about. I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs as to my characters (not that I realized before this moment that there were going to be characters; everything was just one mash-up) and the insights they’ll reach (or I reached and attributed to non-existent characters while listening to Zephyrus in the shower).

So the path seems clear from here, yeah?

If you’re joining NaNoWriMo too, good luck! And do let me know how you’re doing (I swear not to steal your ideas).

Honestly though, I’m doing it mostly for cathartic purposes rather than a need to tell a story or succeed. I feel like there’s too much bungled up inside of me that needs to be released and I haven’t written a single writing piece than the one during my Eng exam and those were muchos crap.

Hope the Ebola epidemic (pandemic now?) subsides. Hope the Hale business is viewed in the light it’s supposed to, and those sympathizing with her get a fucking reality check. Hope Richard Brittain gets checked. Hope India/Pakistan issues resolve soon. The world is getting fucked up.

Now go on! Do your thing! I’ve study whilst in the throes of fever and whatever it indicates to so that I am free for November. We’ll see each other the next time. Keep coming back for more!!!!


2 thoughts on “What Up? Report, blackouts, resolutions yada

  1. Ugh, unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of Hale apologists around, so it’s not exactly viewed that way… maybe in the book blogging community, but ignorance is very, very rampant and it’s pissing me off so much. It’s taking every ounce of my being not to snap at tweets justifying her behavior. In any case, GOOD LUCK WITH NANOWRIMO! I wanted to join but I’m just too busy right now 😦 Perhaps next year :3

    Faye at The Social Potato

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