Pugs in Costumes

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With their little wrinkly faces and big, 
soulful eyes, we didn’t think it was 
possible for pugs to be any cuter ... 
but look! OMG! They’re wearing costumes!

Pugs in Costumes is a collection of the 
best-dressed pugs around. From haute 
couture Oscar dresses and character 
classics, to inanimate objects there 
isn’t a creature on earth that can rock 
a costume quite like a pug.

I visited my sister a while ago and obviously we hounded the bookstores near her place. And there was this cute bookshop with a tiny, narrow front that my sister regularly spent her time at.

We browsed books, thought to buy some poetry collection and that play “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” but we then we chanced upon this miracle of a book. Actually, we didn’t: my sister had already read/seen it cover to back to all the pages betwixt, and like the good little rebel siren that she is, not intent (sometimes) on destroying me, she led me to it.

So we stood there, literally going “khikhikhi” like a pair of buffoons hanging on the moon and dragging it down one inch at a time, and occasionally guffawing and then, shushing each other. THERE WERE JUST SO MANY PUGS. CUTE PUGS. FUNNY PUGS. TO-DIE-FOR PUGS. HEROIC PUGS.

And there is this employee, side-eying us in the first ten minutes. Afterwards, actually giving us the evil eye. Which then progressed to coughing and meandering around us in this tiny little alley-space between three shelves. Everything was so colorful around and the pugs were so dastardly lovely, it’s not like we paid any sorta attention to him.

But on it went, khikhikhi *coughcoughbuyorleavecoughcough.*

With ten or so more dogs in costumes left, my sister’s insecurity and sensibility and rationality caught up to her and she made me leave. BUT OF COURSE, not before we went up to the main counter among this jumble of books and people and bookmarks to leave a plausible story behind so that she could return to this bookshop once again with her head held high.

We went up to the dude and forcibly chatted while he fiddled on his computer.

Sis from the same miss: “OHMIGOD Ikr? The Ninth Life of Louis Drax was so cool. I mean, that kid at his age…”

Me: “I KNOW! But you know what? I totally loved how gradually and visibly the doctor’s personal and professional life spiraled down. AND HE KNEW IT. AND HE DID IT.”

SFtSM: “Man, wish I could read that book again. Liz Jensen is awesome. And perceptive-”

Me: “Whatever. Anyways, you know there’s this book of hers about prostitutes in a time machine or something… What’s it called?”

Sis hisses: “Wheeeeee-oooooo! ME want.”

Me hisses back: “Um what are we doing here?”

Sis: “We are going to ask after Liz Jensen books. Nobody ever has them and we have an excuse.”

Me: “Why do we need an excuse?”

Sis: “(To me) Shut up. (To the dude now free) Um do you have any Liz Jensen books?”

The Dude: “Lemme check… Nooo, I don’t think so. Waitwait, there’s ah! The Uninvited!”

Me: “We are screwed. I already haz that and I can’t think of the name of the other book.”

The Dude: “Oh no! It seems it’s out of stock. You be back another day.”

And we two internally hurray!

Another day saved by Liz Jensen.
My sister’s misplaced pride lives to be tarnished by me another.
(I left the next day so I couldn’t do much damage; haven’t been able to since.)

The pugs were worth it. I wish we weren’t thrifty (read: miserly) and had shelled up 400 bucks for it. Anyways, here’s some delight from google and amazon:

what i love is how happy s/he looks.

they aren’t afraid of making it adult-like, you know.

i ❤ that attitude.

There was even a special section of Halloween pugs but fuck me if I get the point of that.

You should totally shell up 400 bucks if you even venture into that bookstore, otherwise go over to amazon, pay up whatever they ask and cocoon yourself in a blanket with a cup of hot tea/chocolate. If you have a pug, keep it away.



5 thoughts on “Pugs in Costumes

  1. I cannot afford the book for 400 bucks. I do want to read it though! IT SOUNDS SO CUTE. PUGS IN COSTUMES. sdasldjasdas Blah.

    But the more amusing part seems to be the adventure you and your sister had. 😛 Khikhikhi

  2. Hahaha, these pugs are bloody hilarious! they look so cute and adorable! I know so because I have a year old Boston Terrier with a face close to a pug’s and I can just stare at its cute pudgy face all day ^_^ I wish I could dress him up too but alas, he chews on anything we put him in. Blah!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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