20759421Author:Tricia Sullivan
Shelf: fantasy-pr-everything-untoward, myth-mix
No Rating

Thai martial arts, international 
crime, celebrity and mythical 
creatures combine in this masterful 
new tale of two people facing 
incredible dangers, from 
award-winning author Tricia Sullivan.

Nothing she’s faced in the cage 
will prepare her...

Jade is a young mixed martial arts 
fighter. When she’s in the cage she 
dominates her opponents—but in real 
life she’s out of control.

After she has a confrontation with 
a Hollywood martial arts star that 
threatens her gym’s reputation, 
Jade’s coach sends her to a training 
camp in Thailand for an attitude 
adjustment. Hoping to discover 
herself, she instead uncovers a 
shocking conspiracy. In a world just 
beyond our own, a man is stealing the 
souls of children to try and live 

When it was good, it was superb but other times, Shadowboxer was dulllllll.

I’ll keep this short: Yay for Jade, who’s an awesome fighter and narrator and totally a character to root for. Not the nicest person around town, PARTICULARLY around the ring, Jade is (to some extent) nuanced and able to carry on the story. I was invested in her story as a fighter, the politics along with the hard work working gears in the background. As if it’s not a tough field already, when you add Jade’s attitude in the mix, it gets serious like career-killing serious.

Beyond that, there’s the fantasy aspect in Thailand involving myths and tigers, a little girl and evil men. Tricia Sullivan has an awesome writing style that very aptly conveyed the surreal feelings of the different settings. However, I feel like there was something amiss in the merging these two aspects and the fantasy element only served inimically to Jade’s story, which as I have stated in different terms, I really enjoyed.

It takes a long-ass time for the two stories to finally come together – way too long – and after that, the story moves too fast and honestly, I was left wondering how, when I couldn’t get a sense of it and here I am who’s seen this evil man and this little girl and this tiger play with each other from the begging, could Jade manage it. And all THAT, well, made it dulllllll.

Too much play makes Jade’s a dull story. WORK WORK WORK HARDER GIRL.

I had a few other peeves as well. First: the girl hate that had no basis besides a flimsy crush and some very construed assumptions. Second: THAILAND. JADE GOES TO THAILAND and all that the author elaborates from that happening is the scenery (which could sometimes be very generic) and all stereotypically English-challenged people.

BUT I still enjoyed Jade’s fights and personality thoroughly. Which is why I’m not going to rate; my holistic experience left some things to be desired. Nevertheless, it was a very different story from your typical YA book and whatever, cool girls throwing punches is always a reason to celebrate, in my opinion, so long it’s not aimed at meeeeeee.

Ummm… this was not short.

Review copy provided by the publisher.


4 thoughts on “Shadowboxer

  1. Only the scenery? There’s so much more to Thailand than the Asian landscape! Do you mean to tell me there is little to no elaboration on the country’s society and culture? D:

    But otherwise, I’m not sure I wanna read this. Right now, I’m in the mood for anything but a dull book.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. LOL! I will protect you, girl! Will do! I don’t think I’ll read this one. Except for the MC and the whole fighting thing, meh, it doesn’t sound great. Yay for Thailand but meh for dull! Sorry, girl, but glad there were enjoyable elements! Great review ❤

  3. Hmm I don’t think I want to be reading this one-it sounds not worthwhile at all and I HATE girl hate so nah, I’ll pass.

    Lovely review! <33

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