Hi guys!

I was on this awesome 11-day vacation with my family and got back only a few hours, hastily unpacked and won’t you believe it, I haven’t even washed my face yet. How ARE you?

My new year was awesome as on the first, I climbed around 600 ft on foot to this temple/helipad at about 7000 ft above sea level in sunshine that pored, with the fog that spreads like plague far below and away. Later on, I bought such killer boots whose price almost gave me heart attack, the sort that had I thought to glance at the price tag, wouldn’t have bought in a million years when I’m supernova rich. (I don’t know what that means. I’m presently not even sure what kind of a star that is. I’m also not wearing a jumper or sweatshirt.) Also bought a dress, the kind in which it’s advisable not to bend. 😀

Yours was crap? No worries, I had a spectacularly horrible one last time and here I am! Very sad that school starts in three or some days but hopeful about the prospective future. I don’t wish my 2014 on you because the entire year? meh-meh. If yours was even worse, my condolences.

But I DO wish the lovely 2-O-15 that’s bubbling like  a perky nymph on too much Red Bull, very colorful and green and flyyyyyyyying-like, for us all.

Let’s all pray to the universe that wishes translate to world-shifting force this year. We’d all be set for the next 300-some days. PRAY PRAY PRAY! TO GODS AND GODESSES AND BROOMS AND DEAD TREES!



5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Aww, I’m glad you had fun and, please, go wash your face ;D Last year was a good one for me, because that’s when I started reviewing, reading more, blogging and discovering some awesome people! So I hope this year will be amazing as well. AND I’M GRADUATING THIS YEAR WOOT WOOT! Cannot wait for the summer vacation and the ball and do you think I should work during summer? Naaah….I don’t know. It would be too much I think….with blogging and all. My mom keeps saying that blogging will not bring me food on the table. but it’s my passion – well, reviewing – you know?

    Anyhow, Happy New Year ❤

    • I WANT TO WORK DURING SUMMER. But tell your mom, you just went through 12+ years of school to put food on the table. Good luck with graduation!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GIRL! I think everyone else is dreading today because a few days after NY means going back to school or work which I’m pretty sure not everyone is looking forward to. But that usually means getting slimmer because everyone pigged out during the holidays, so with the stress, they’re bound to eat less…

    Okay, I am not sure why I even went forward with those darn thoughts of mine,. DON’T MIND ME!!! Haha.

    I wish you a pleasant New Year, girl! May 2015 be a beautiful year for you!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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