Mini Reviews: Jan 20th Edition

No mysteries here. These are my 10 cents on a couple of books that came out yesterday and should have been reviewed before that.

First: the Good

The Five Stages of Andrew BrawleyThe Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun Hutchinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: realistic-fiction, recipe-for-awesomesauce

I won’t attempt to describe what this book is about lest I give away any spoilers. It’s not a mystery, it’s not a tragedy; it’s dark but nowhere near grim. It’s the kind of story you have to experience to love.

I love Hutchinson’s writing style, which was very rich and lovely, while maintaining its simplicity and realism. There were shades of magical realism that shone through occasionally but they only served to characterize our protagonist’s mental state. What I loved most remains that while the story deals with tough matter, its tone never overshadows the actual writing and voice of the character.

Andrew Brawley lives and works in a hospital. He’s escaping Death, who roams around in a high ponytail with a clipboard.

The story has a diverse set of characters whose stories develop beside Andrew’s, and the way the author managed to play out several themes like bullying, cancer, survival et cetra was admirable.

What I didn’t actually discern was the progression of Rusty and Andrew’s relationship. It was just there. JUST THERE. But whatever: I still ship them (a little). Magic of SH, I guess.

Another peeve:

SPOILER: How did his trying to commit suicide (is it still
suicide if you manage to live? huh. Do tell.) automatically 
result in solutions to his turmoils? I mean, he's under and 
whatnot, and then he wakes up boom! doesn't feel guilty anymore. 
What miracles happened while he was under?

There’s also a graphic novel in parts included in the story, and although I didn’t exactly grasp its concept, I loved it, just like most aspects of this story, to which I’m not doing justice.

I know this eenie meenie review seems to be lacking in emotions but that’s the way I can manage it right now. Sorry! One final time: I really, really, really liked this book.

I loved that its experience was different, that its telling was unique, that its characters were well-developed. But most of all, the first: it FELT distinct.

Thank you Simon Pulse!


Now: the MEH

Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars, #2)Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas
Series: Veronica Mars (#2)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Shelf: realistic-fiction

(Hopefully) short and hurried review, the way Veronica USED to solve cases.

From the very beginning of MKaT, I was practically dancing around while I read it. Veronica Marshmallow Mars gives my internal organs a serious case of unsuppressed fangirling. And it–the beginning–was SO worth it.

Told in alternate chapters from Veronica and Keith’s POVs, the story continues the saga of Neptune’s dirty deeds. I absolutely love how unsubtly Veronica and Keith and the author(s) comment on social issues. Keith is dealing with the Sheriff business while Veronica herself has a case of a raped and abused prostitute.

Sometimes it gets crude the way Veronica becomes in your face about issues, but she always pays her due diligence, respect and sensitivity. Personally, I’ll take what is given.

It’s a prolonged mystery that has Veronica delving into shady areas with people who are none to keen to give away deets about their victimization and people who are none to keen to accept these deets. It’s a solid mystery and all, with a lot of investigation and none of the luck involved, but it felt cinematic.

And after a point, that cinematic atmosphere felt lacking, like they tried to bring the show, word for word, scene for scene, to the page and it didn’t work. So yeah, THAT became boring.

Some very, VERY old characters come back, and it’s a bit shocking. But you go, Manning girl(s)! Weevil’s thread from the movie and book #1 finally comes to its conclusion.

And bonus(es):

But not enough. NOT ENOUGH. The authors always skip on the deeds that happen between Veronica and Logan. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US HIGH AND DRY, and I believe I’m speaking on behalf of your many fans. We need more L+V time. Can you bring it back Season Two Last Episode style? I’ll even take it Season Three Beginning style. JUST GIVE IT ME.

Thank you Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group!


BUT NO BAD. Good for you, eh? I so didn’t feel like reviewing the bad.

Gossip Girl



3 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Jan 20th Edition

  1. Maybe I should watch Veronica Mars too (…. it wasn’t the photos. I promise it wasn’t. Oh who am I kidding, we both know it was. STUTI YOU NO NICE). I hear so many good things about it though that I think I should really just get on it. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy the book more, though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The First Stages of Andrew Brawley sounds really good though so I think I am going to go and add it to my TBR… like now.

    Fantastic mini-reviews, hon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OMG YAS LEO <333 I'm actually currently reading Mr. Kiss and Tell and it's pretty good so far! I'm getting a little bored here and there, to be honest ๐Ÿ˜

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