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My name is Stuti Rai and I created this blog to rant and blabber about whatever books I read. I’m relatively new to the blogging world(I think I started back in Dec 2012?), so forgive any discrepancies you might come across.

I’m a fairy-tale connoisseur, so long as they are gory and dark. Otherwise, a teenage bibliophile, feminist, easily bored amateur writer of awesome ideas that I usually abandon, and currently pleased as not a punch, but something else that I can’t remember.

My favorite authors list is quite long, I assure you, but writers that have my absolute, no-holds-barred devotion are Melina Marchetta and Laini Taylor.  Seriously, if you dislike either of them, I can already predict we won’t get along. I can tolerate many things but that’s where I draw the line, obnoxious as it may seem.

I hope to become a sensational writer or the next generation of Grimm’s brothers one day. I’d like to roam around the world, meet all kinds of peoples and know their stories.

When I’m not reading or reviewing books, I can be found dancing manically to all kinds of songs in the privacy of my room, engrossed in random anime and a few of them TV shows. Or some rather stupid shit, really.


If you wanna have a bit of chit-chat and be so awed by my divine witticism that you see stars without anyone punching you or leave a critique and assessment of my works just kidding, get lost lest you have a chance encounter with the angry end of my hammer, fill out the form below or email me at:


Alternatively, you can find me on Goodreads and Facebook.


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